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Thanks Gil for the excellent and speedy service. The new 7612xsv has already helped to put a dozen king salmon in the box. Great machine and great service. Thanks again!
Bill in Petersburg
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Default The only place to buy your marine electronics!

I can't say enough about Gils customer service, I have ordered from him in the past and recently placed a kind of difficult order being I was unsure of what I wanted, he called me within minutes and talked with me about my needs and application, I placed my order and had my electronics 1 day later, not to mention he has the lowest prices that I have found,

Thank you Gil! Carmen,
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Default Gil does it again.

Just wanted to take a second to thank Gil for getting me hooked up with a Garmin 7608xsv and GT51M-TM.

The combo has proven itself on day one. Literally.

The first day we used this boat was in a local salmon Derby in the Puget Sound. Last time fishing the salt, 11 years ago. I started out with my typical troll. With chirp and sidescan enabled, I quickly realized I wasn't exactly where I needed to be.

The end result? 3 kings in the box before 11 am. Of the 72 fish brought in that day to be weighed, we managed a 2nd place victory and another top ten fish.

It was good enough for over $2000 cash and another $500 in prizes.

Can't thank Gil enough for taking the time to share his knowledge. And using that info to make a great suggestion on a system I can grow with.

Thanks Gil!

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Ordered Tuesday. Received Wednesday.

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Gil is about as good as it gets when it comes to trustworthy merchants. I am a complete novice in the electronics world. Not only did he guide me to the right desicion but he answered all the same retarded questions that he probably heard 1000 times over like I was the first person to ask him. Did I read and research and have a concrete working knowledge of what exactly I wanted to order? Hell no. I called him up and said here is what I have and here is what I want to do. Gil never tried to sell me anything. Instead he led me to a few posts and showed me pictures of the things he was explaining to me over the phone. I have probably sent him over 200 Pms over the last two days. Actually I sent him so many his inbox was too full to accept more messages today. I can't say enough good things about him. Hands done he will be my one and only stop in the future. I highly recommend this guy just for the amazing deals alone. Gil, as a brother in arms ,I salute you and want to say not only is it a pleasure working with you but I am honored to have shared the same branch of service with someone such as you. Seller Fi brother.
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Gil does a great job and delivers what is promised very very quickly. his knowledge is very very good also. he was able to answer any and all questions that I had. he also answered questions and handled business very very late in the evening. I will deffinatly be buying more from him and will be sending anyone who asks about electronics to him....

Gil thank you again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gil's customer service was amazing. I really knew nothing about GPS options, he was patient, explained everything, and the shipping was very fast.
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I have bought electronics from Gil for 2 boats now. One boat was offshore and the latest was a 94sv chirp for inshore. One of the best things Gil does is listens to what you are wanting on your boat and the type of fishing you do on your boat. He doesn't try to sell you something that is better for his bottom line instead he recommends what he thinks is best for your situation. He's always available for questions and tips and shipping is always prompt. Thanks Gil. Always enjoy the phone conversations too.
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Purchased Airmar B175C-HW from Gil, excellent service and cannot beat the price.
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I PM'ed Gil about ordering a new chartplotter after 11pm on a Sunday night.He responded,and processed my order that night and it was delivered to my door by the following Tuesday morning.I Can't say enough about the customer service he provides.Thanks Gil
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I purchased B275LH-W from Gil twenty days ago and i'm very happy.
Exellent customer service!
Thanks Gil!
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Gil helped me in understanding what electronics would be best for my needs. He gave me a ton of info and tips on how to use them properly. As soon as I placed my order the equipment showed up within a day or two. He had the best pricing of any others I received pricing from.
Many Thanks Gil!!!
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Default Awesome!

Simply awesome. Treats every customer like a million dollar account.
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Gil has been fantastic to work with. In December I ordered a Furuno TZ2 and Furuno radar. In February I found out that the new radar would becoming out and asked Gil if I could swap it out for the new NXT since my radar was still in the box untouched. He contacted Furuno and made it happen. Now waiting for the NXT to be released.
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Default Thank you

I made my first purchase with Gil yesterday and was very pleased. He is very knowledgeable and gave me what I considered to be very good advice. He made no attempt to talk me into spending more than I needed to spend and even offered me a lower cost solution to my issue (which I did not take). I will buy my electronics from him in the future and suggest you give him a call the next time you are in the market for marine electronics.

Thanks for all the time you spent on the phone with me Gil!
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Default Great Service

I am extremely impressed by the service I received from Gil with my recent purchase of a Simrad Go7 XSE along with some network wiring. He was extremely quick responding to posts and PM questions. Had a paypal invoice emailed within a few minutes after pulling the trigger by pm. Confirmed ship date and time right after payment, tracking info forwarded promptly and I had the unit in 2 days via UPS. All that and I saved money between price and no sales tax. In fact, I am usually willing to pay more for this level of service. There is no reason to use anyone else!

Thanks again,
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Gil is the best. Great knowledge and product info. Great prices and customer service.
Thank you.
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Superior advice and price. Gil will get all of my business.
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Great service and great advice. Exchanged a few emails last week with Gil about our needs and spoke on the phone with some good stories also. Put a Garmin package together 7610xsv, B175M and Radar.
This is my first purchase with him and know I can go to him with question and get the right answers and advice. Thanks Gil
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Default A great first experience!!!!

I am so happy i went with the recommendations of the THT crew. Gil is a absolute pleasure to do business with. I ordered my Garmin 741 and Ducer and it was at my house the next day. Out standing service and advise from the first message.
I highly recommend Gil and will buy all of my marine electronics from him. I can't wait until i have the funds for radar!!!!!
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