FYI...Airmar's Wide Beam transducers.

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Default FYI...Airmar's Wide Beam transducers.

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AIRMAR EXPANDS CHIRP PRODUCT LINE WITH RELEASE OF WIDE BEAM BROADBAND TRANSDUCERS New Wave of Transducers Deliver Expanded Bandwidth and Increased Performance to Sportfishing Customers

MILFORD, NH. (October 17, 2013)
AIRMAR Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s award-winning CHIRP broadband transducers with the introduction of a new wide beam product line offering an expanded high frequency range of 150kHz to 250kHz. “The development of our new transducers is a direct result of feedback from our customers wanting all of the benefits of CHIRP products plus wider, high frequency beam angles," stated Jennifer Matsis, vice president of sales and marketing. “In addition to expanded bandwidth, anglers using the new wide beam transducers will achieve more than twice the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency CHIRP transducers,” added Matsis. All 275LH-W series models will provide a low frequency option along with the new high frequency range of 150kHz to 250kHz.

A unique property of the new wide beam transducers is that the beam width is a constant 25 degrees across the entire frequency band. Traditionally, high frequency transducers have narrow beam widths that change with frequency. Now, in addition to providing vast bottom coverage and improved fish detection in the upper water column, AIRMAR’s new wide beam format enables echosounders with advanced digital processing to produce crisper and larger return images on the fishfinder display. The new wide beam transducers are ideal for marking bait and game fish in shallow to mid water depths of 300 – 600 feet.

Since the company’s launch of CHIRP broadband transducers less than two years ago, most major marine electronics manufacturers have incorporated CHIRP technology into their fishfinder product lines. In addition to providing the enabling technology for CHIRP-ready fishfinders, AIRMAR’s CHIRP broadband transducers enhance fish detection on virtually all of today’s fishfinders, including many non-CHIRP machines. With the ability to adjust frequency, an echosounder with advanced digital processing can operate AIRMAR’s broadband ceramics anywhere in the entire frequency band of 28 kHz – 250kHz. “CHIRP has completely revolutionized the way professional and sport fishing enthusiasts are using technology to find fish,” Matsis quoted.

AIRMAR’s new wide beam CHIRP broadband transducers will be available in several mounting options to accommodate transom, pocket, tank, in-hull and thru-hull installations.

These are the units that are available in the Wide beam:

NOTE: Wide cones are NOT good for bottom detail.....the narrower the cone the better the bottom detail.
The positive of these new wide cones are the coverage and increased sensitivity to suspended targets..(FISH)


Link to my original Posting:

B175C-HW...Garmin 1040xs

Left to right: B265C-LH......B175C-HW......B265C-LH.......B175C-HW...Furuno DFF1-UHD

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