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I'm not sure how much I can add. That ball of "lint" looks very well formed. Almost like it might be a type of filter media. But it could also be a bunch of crap. I've seen filter media that looks kind of like that, so I'm just not sure.

In that last picture, the plastic fitting on the left looks like it's not lined up real well. May be cracked, or could just not be threaded properly and a leak point.

Based on what I saw on the Super Snorkel info, pressure should be up to 100 psi. That's actually low for a scuba regulator, but given that the hose limits depth it's probably fine.

But, there's another thing I noticed. That Dacor 2nd stage has a pressure marked on it. Looks like one of the digits is missing, so it's not going to be much help. However, the real problem is that it's a Dacor. Not that Dacor's are bad regulators. They are fine. Darth Vader used one. It's just that the brand is dead. Mares bought Dacor and discontinued the brand after a bit. The problem is that it's highly unlikely that parts will be available to service it anymore.
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