Any experiences with the H2O snorkel mask?

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Default Any experiences with the H2O snorkel mask?


Does anybody have any experiences with the H2O mask, or the Tribords?
I have never been able to snorkel as I just can't breath anymore when my nose gets in the water. (Yeah, even when I sit on the steps of my pool, divers mask and snorkel in place, stick my head 2" in the water, I can't breath anymore).
I think if I have a full face mask it would make things much better. The biggest problem I usually have with masks is that they don't seal very well and let water leak in.
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If you get a well fitting Freedive mask, water shouldn't get in.

No experience with the new full face mask. Give it a shot.

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I got one for my 6 year old daughter. For snorkeling it's awesome, if you dive down any depth it puts a lot of pressure on your face since there is so much volume. It is really great though for people just getting into the water.
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Yes for snorkeling. Takes some getting used to but it is pretty cool. Get a size bigger than what you think you should get, at least that is my experience. Better yet, test fit. It is not really suitable for freediving to any depth past 15-20'. Bad mask squeeze.
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Thank you all for the replies.
All I want to be able to do is snorkel, and IF I get real brave I may go down a few feet, but I definitely will not go below 10', so I will get one and try it.
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It's one of the better ones out there but certainly not perfect. Fogs less and can get uncomfortable the deeper you dive. Overall , the mask is great but several have complained about support from the company that manufactures it.
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How do you clear your ears with this? I have to pinch my nose even at snorkel depths.

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This is an old thread! Be careful with full face masks, they have a tendency to build up CO2 if you have to work hard in them. If you feel short of breath take it off an get your head out of the water. I'll stick to scuba.
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Be very careful with full face masks. A number of people have drowned because of them. I wouldn't use one or let my kids use one. If you dont believe me, a quick google search can show you all the articles about the tourists drowning because of them in Hawaii
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