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Sold -Fat Bottom Girl Freeman 37 for Sale!


Sold -Fat Bottom Girl Freeman 37 for Sale!

Old 08-09-2017, 10:29 AM
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Default Sold -Fat Bottom Girl Freeman 37 for Sale!

Freeman Refit Thread
It's that time and my build slot is coming up! Time to build my own custom Fat Bottom Girl!!
Wrapping my head around selling her has been a crazy process. I love this boat plain and simple. This was Billy Freemans personal sled. Yes it has the top secret flux system installed along with every option possible. It's loaded plain and simple. I will start at the top and work my way down.
The hardtop has a curved rigid light bar, Simrad 10kw birdfinder radar capable of frying birds with 100% to 8 miles. Once you find the birds you can put out the 20ft Marsh Tacky carbon riggers. Nav lights mounted on the hard top along with taco mounts. The boat also has a Simrad WM3 and GS25 mounted up top.
Working down the pipework has a flat black powdercoat system with a couple knicks from the shear fact this boat is fishy. Hard front & side windscreens with roll up outers provide so much weather protection that as the captain you simply tell the crew in the back they might need raincoats while you stay in your current fishing shirt of choice. You simply do not get wet in this boat. I never once took spray or waves over the bow. The Freeman does not throw water out in front like a vee that then nails your windscreen.
The console is huge housing two brand new 16" Simrad NSS EVO 3's. Also included is a commercial standard horizon vhf. A second Simrad vhf is housed inside the console and is on network provideing AIS receiving on your Simrad screens. The stereo has four zones controlled my a Fusion 750 receiver also nmea connected and controlled on the Simrad mfd's. When I received the boat we replaces 8 of the wetsound speakers with new ones along with an amp. I added 4 of the Wet Sounds 6 by 9's and another JL MHD 600 by 4 to power them.
There are 4 6 inch speakers in the hard top. Two 8.8's in the front wall, the 6 by 9's under the gunnels, two 10 inch subs in the mid ship and four more 8.8's in the back of the boat. The helm seat is new upon my purchase. The coaming bolsters were offered to be replaced by Freeman but I said do not worry about it as I plan on fishing the boat. They are really the only thing that needs replaced to make the boat like new.
This boat is set up to fish and has echo heaven onboard. I have installed a new S5100 sonar module hooked to a R599lh ducer. This combo is unmatched and just watch the contour aouto pilot video to see what she can do. On the back of the boat I have a TM275lhw wide chirp ducer running into the new EVO 3 screen which has a 1000 watt built in chirp. You can run 4 echo bands at the same time! almost forgot the Structure Scan 3D is also onboard.
The coffin box. - Best in the business / drains into the tunnel. No pumps or hoses to deal with. Starboard side storage insulated while the port storage features the massive bean bag storage which is big enough to house the 82" GPS Rhodan Anchor when not in use. The storage locker behind that houses the 3 trolling motor batteries plus a onboard charger for them. I will include a not installed stealth charger that is capable of charging the trolling batteries while running. The opposite storage has a 40 gallon fresh water tank that has a shower on the leaning post. Water for days is so nice!
Anchor locker is massive and easy to use. I have the biggest Fortress up there with 600 ft of line and 20 feet of chain. plus a rear anchor for sandbar.
Rear of the boat has three huge livewells that you can swim in when you get hot. The two on the floor are also insulated. The bilge also easy to work on and get in. Makes visits back to the factory unnecessary as you can fix everything yourself easily. On either side of the main rear livewell are two insulated bins we use for ballyhoo's and trash. Did I mention the Freeman is built to fish and when Scott asked me what I want to build I said what I got plus Line-X lol. That is a pretty good thing to say after running her for 600 hours in the last year.
Speaking of hours the boat has 475 when I got her. I put around 350 on her then repowered with four new Yamaha 300's with 5 year warranty's. I have 350 ish on the new set. The boat does not have one stress crack. Just some cosmetic use things I will gladly get fixed up for the new owner.
Included in the sale is a custom built Ameratrail gooseneck with full Line-X Premium treatment.
Not included in the sale is her name "Fat Bottom GIrl" and my numbers

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I also added four for a total of 6 Gemlux HD swivel rod holders in the gunnels. The boat has four plugs for bottom fishing fun. Also included is a custom black stick shade system that works both fore and aft.
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Old 08-09-2017, 10:30 AM
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Included with sale is the ride
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And bladder hookup system -
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Did I mention the bilge access!
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We will be running up to crystal river this weekend if anyone wants to take a look.
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Great looking boat
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Beast! Good luck Brian, I SO remember the days of the 24 YF Bay LOL. Seemed like only yesterday.
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Linex bidness must be very profitable hehe. Beautiful boat!!
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I have been going through all systems to make sure the boat is top shelf for the new owner.
I made a trip to the Freeman factory last week and picked up a new cushion and bolster setup. The boat is ready to serve. If you want a badass 37 without waiting this is your chance. There are a few Lit up in the spread this week so if you want her get on it!
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Old 09-07-2017, 02:23 PM
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Still for sale?
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Originally Posted by Gulf View Post
Still for sale?
Yes she is, I have one gentleman that is lined up to make a deal next week but as of this moment I am not holding a deposit. Feel free to give me a call if you're interested (941) 524-8500 is my cell. Here are a few more pictures showing the new cushions. For the buyer, if they are interested I will take a day and show them how to run, fix, and give a Simrad class.
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Originally Posted by InternationalMarineBrian View Post
very close to a deal.Hurricane Irma put a stall on it a bit. I am not in too much of a rush. I have the best deal most loaded 37 on the market. As of right now, she is still available.
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Hey Brian, how hot does the black line x get in the sun? Sure looks good.
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