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Default Commercial sellers must be THT Sponsors

Who qualifies as a private seller? A private seller is an Admiral's Club member who has previously purchased an item for his own use and has decided to sell it. The item may be new or used, but the intent is the issue; IF you bought it with the intent of reselling it here, are building to order or you are planning to order more if you sell what you have, you are NOT a private seller. If you are a commercial seller, you need to acknowledge that you are doing it for profit and pay the fees accordingly. Membership in the Admiral's Club does not give you the right to sell commercially. So, if you are either: A) ordering items for resale. B) Have unlimited quantities for sale C) Selling multiple new items, you are probably commercial. If you are commercial, you'll need to pay the $150 annual fee ($12.50 per month) to become a THT Sponsor. Those who have paid their fees deserve protection from those who are trying to violate the rules and try to do it for free. THT offers a large and active audience and a good selling environment, so when we become aware of someone selling commercially who is not a THT Supporter, the thread will be moved to a holding area and the Poster will be asked to pay the fees. If the poster elects not to pay the fees and re-posts his ad, he will be banned.

Becoming a sponsor is very easy. Simply click on the "Join the Admiral's Club" link at the top of the main page and follow the steps to become a THT Sponsor.
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