Outboard Engine Coughs at High RPMs

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Default Outboard Engine Coughs at High RPMs

For the past year my engine has been experiencing a sudden loss of rpms in an infrequent manor when my outboard F60TLR yahmaha engine is at full throttle. This problem occurs every time I go out on the water but does not occur every time I accelerate the engine. In fact, I have noticed the engine runs fine for the first 20-30min before it starts coughing at high rpms. The solution to this problem is to have a second person sit in the back out the boat and manually pump the primer bulb which results in a smooth ride and no more issues.
Things I have already done to solve the problem include:
• replaced the fuel water separator,
• cleaned out the electronic fuel injectors (I sent the fuel
injectors to a professional shop for cleaning and filter
• replaced the fuel filter
• replaced the fuel pump filter and cleaned out the fuel pump (it
was a pain in the ass to get to and shown in picture attached)
• replaced the fuel line/primer bulb running from the gas tank to
the engine
• emptied the gas tank and put new treated fuel in it
• finally, I replaced the fuel pump itself

One other thing I tried was unscrewing the gas tank lid on my boat to see if the gas tank wasn’t breathing properly but that did not solve the problem either. And since replacing my fuel water separator I have not noticed and water in the fuel but I did see a little water in the fuel the first time and accredited it to the boat sitting all winter since I had just taken it out of storage. My engine model is a yahmaha 2005 F60TLR. I look forward to suggestion from y’all on what to try next…..
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