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Default Suzuki and Rec 90 question

I just purchased a new boat with a brand new 200hp Suzuki. I know running Rec 90 is the best option. However, I would have to go pretty far out of the way to fill up at a station that has Rec 90. Iím planning on running 87 octane instead. My question is how do new Suzukiís handle 87 octane? As long as I donít let the gas sit for too long and add Stabil should I be fine or am I making a big mistake?
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the motor is rated to run on 87 octane but as you know ethanol is a problem when it sits. So you can use it but try not to let the boat sit for long periods of time and use an ethanol additive/stabilizer. Using the rec 90 is the best option but not the only one.
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