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dwolle 10-13-2020 10:25 AM

2001 Venture 34 with 2018 DF300 Suzukis - Height adjustment
Hello Mike,

I have been fighting performance for 2 years on my 34 Venture. It doesn't come out of the hole well and sometimes I need to move people to the front of the boat to get it to pop over. Unfortunately, I'm in Texas and the guys that mounted my engines primarily do bay boats. They mounted my 300s (2) in the top hole and they are definitely sitting too low in the water. I am getting ready for them to adjust and raise them up. I know that you have outfitted a lot of 34 Ventures and have seen one post where you mounted them on the lowest hole (engine up as high as it can go). I am going to have them make a similar adjustment and wanted to see if you have adjusted that theory or if you would still mount it on the lowest hole.

This site and your responses have been very helpful for a Suzuki owner that is not near your location. Thank you!

Outboard Specialties 10-13-2020 01:58 PM

Hello, engine height or should I say mounting hole is always debatable because every boat is drilled differently and will have different mounting holes even being identical boats. You should always measure from the bottom of boat with a straight edge to check proper height. Since your motors are already mounted you should run the boat on plane with a second person looking at the cavitation plates to see where they are in relation to the water flow, it plates are buried under water then raise the motors. Every hole is 3/4" and you want the water typically right at the plate.

Something else with the old ventures is that the bracket is not ventilated properly and it creates a vacuum, then the vacuum pops as you run and lets the bow come down. I have added 2" thruhulls to each side by the trim tab pockets and then 2 thruhulls on the cap with a hose connecting them together, this allows air into the vacuum to prevent it then allowing the bow to come down faster.

dwolle 10-13-2020 06:47 PM

Thank you for the information. The cavitation plates are definitely buried. My hull is vented as you describe. I had Yamaha f250s on before the Suzuki df300s and did not have this issue.

I will use the straight edge method on mine to check it out. Can you confirm the following technique:
1. Straight edge will be up against the hull forward of the trim tabs
2. Straight edge should line up between the cavitation plates and the round prop shaft area (where the old water vents used to be on older motors)

I also re-propped it with the 18.5 pitch suzuki props. It had another brand with 22 pitch on it from install.

Thanks for the response. I definitely value your opinion.

Once I get everything changed and sea trialed I will update this post. Probably 4-6 months out since it is off-season here.

Arch260 02-01-2021 07:13 AM

First get your engine height correct, if you still have a problem then swap your props from spinning out to spinning in ( his will take you no more then 15 minutes and cost you $0). You can thank me later.

knotreel 02-13-2021 10:31 AM

after running a number of other props on my boat with the DF300's I was amazed when i tried a set of Mercury Enertia ECO props. These don't even seem to be similar to the original Enertia series On my boat I tried a set of 21"P but settled on some 23"P as the 21's went on the rev limiter way too easy. These may not be ideal for yopur boat but mine is aa custom boat and it's bottom hull shape similar to the Venture. These have more rake than anything I tried before and they allow me to trim the bow up and down with the engines, where other props were unresponsive in this area. I might add that my boat was not nearly so picky about props with the 225 Opti's that were on it, but the Zukes lower units seem to hate my boat.
ps. my props are switched as arch recommended to you.

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