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fsrtwo 09-15-2020 11:22 PM

19' 250ss Making Oil & Oil on the Breather tube
I have a 250ss with 27 hours. I noticed the oil level has gone from halfway between low and high to the high mark on the dipstick since I did the 20 hour service. Is this normal?

Plus, I checked the oil today, I noticed some oil residue on the breather tube where it hits the air intake. Is this normal?

I did the break-in per the manual, didn't deviate.

Also, in my last post you said I might be over propped, I have a 15 1/4 x 19, I see 5500-5650 RPMs max. Not sure if this helps!

Thanks Mike!

Outboard Specialties 09-17-2020 03:56 AM

I would double check the oil level, drain some if necessary and go run it. Check the oil again after 20 hours and see if it is high again. Don't be afraid to go run it hard, it is actually good to run these engines hard every trip out to keep them broken in.
A few things might have happened
1. all of the oil may not have drained out from the 20 hour service
2. it could have been over propped
3. you might have babied it to much during break in and not seated the rings/valves enough

fsrtwo 09-17-2020 10:24 AM

Thanks Mike!

Thanks Mike!

I had and interesting day on the water yesterday. I saw 6150 RPM and 42.6 with a half tank fuel and 2 people. I would usually only see 5650 RPM max.

I did run on a sand bar earlier in the day (yes, in he middle of the channel), maybe it cleaned the toons a bit! The water was calm, the calmest I have seen it all year.

The 83 gallon tank is in the center pontoon, the rear, in front of the motor mount. I am guessing that between the calm waters, the toons being scrubbed a bit by the sand bar, and the half tank of fuel, these are the best conditions I will ever see.

So I think I might be propped correctly now. In fact, if the fuel gets really low, I might need to worry about my rev limit at WOT.

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