Leaking fuel zuk 250

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Default Leaking fuel zuk 250

Having ptoblems with fuel leaking. Find the fuel underneath fuel filter canester area. Seems to only leak when the engine is trimed up when sitting in the slip. It does'nt do it any other time. Can't see where its leaking from or feel any wet spots. Have checked all the hose connections and felt around the canester filter and fuelpump. Have run the engine titled up squeezing the ball. . Have had a mechanic look at it too. I do have problems with pumping fuel into the 90 gallon tank from pressure build up. I blow compressed air through the vent and it clears iit for awhile but have to repeat regularity. Have any ideas?
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I would guess fuel is coming out of the little pink hose that comes through the lower cowling in front of motor. This is a vst overflow/vent hose and might be purging while tilted up because the float in vst is not seating.
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