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Default Are you smarter then a 3rd grader?

This guy doesn't think so.........

Those boring budgets the governor’s number-crunching finance staff puts out each year — complete with mind-numbing words such as
“per capita debt load” and “cost growth benchmark” — would be a breeze to read, thanks to a bill by state Rep. John P. Fresolo (D-Worcester).
The bill states no state documents should be “written in a language which exceeds the comprehension level generally accepted in the public schools as
a third-grade level.”

Shows you what he thinks of the average Ma. citizen.
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Typical Dumocrat. The Party of Trailer Parks.
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So, you're upset because a state rep (D) thinks that you should not have to be a lawyer or English major to understand a law, then come out and complain about it with a 3rd grade writing comprehension error?

Smarter THAN a 3rd grader....

Sorry, bash me if you want. There is always someone that has to point these errors out and it is usually me, as I love the irony.
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