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Default High and low pressure system affects on fishing

This past semester i took oceanography in the hope that it would help broaden my knowledge to the science behind fishing. One question i had that never got answered is how the pressure systems affect fishing. I know that a low pressure system causes air to rise and cool down. When it cools down it expands and evaporates to form clouds. These clouds then make it rain. A high pressure system doesn't allow air to rise and causes very nice weather and a cloudless sky. Does anyone know exactly what pressure system is the best to fish on? My guess is somewhere in the middle.
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I would have to say from MY EXPERIENCE fishing on low pressure days produces fewer fish. Also in lower pressure systems if raining that can definetly negatively impact your ability get fish to hook on reaction bites and not feeding bites. I've have fished salt water, fresh water, wind, rain, hail, etc and have personally found high pressure systems are more productive.

I would also LOVE to hear if there is any impact to ice fishing with regards to pressure systems as the ice produces a barrier so what is happening on the surface really doesn't come into play.
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Again this is based on MY personal experience- for whatever thats worth. I always thought fishing as the pressure is dropping, ie when a storm or bad weather is on the way but not quite here, is the best time to fish. Right after a storm, when the pressure is rising, is typically windy and turbulent which I have found not to be gr8 for fishing. Might be a self-fulfilling prophecy because i fish more often before a front comes in and less immediately after it passes. Good thread- i'll be interested to see what people have to say!
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I have read pressure changes effects certain types of fish. Some species of fish have swin blathers and the change in pressure causes them to move higher or lower in the water column. I am sure if effects their feeding behavior. Once high or low preessure is established their swim bladders stablize and they resume behaviors. This is all of my limited knowledge on the subject, hope this helps.
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My best days of bottom fishing have always been as the pressure is falling, and I have always had great days fishing in nasty weather(coastal low pressure systems) for stripers and blues off of the beach. For bottom fishing I have never done well the day after a cold front has come through and there is dominant high pressure behind it. Also after a Coastal Low comes through the bottom is stirred up and shuts the fishing down.
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