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main trailer registration

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Default main trailer registration

Looking to get 5 trailers registered in ME. They are old trailers, pieced together from different trailers, one 100% home made. These are used to transport kids sailboats (opti's and 420's) and coach boats, RIBS, to local regattas. These trailers have never been registered and there is no paperwork on any of them. All but the 100% homemade one are old, >1995 but they are all road worthy bc they have been updated/fixed over time, as needed.

I have registered my powerboat trailer in ME and it was pretty straight forward, however I had a certificate of origin (brand new trailer).

To register the trailers mentioned above I am looking at registering them as homemade. Has anybody done this? If so any guidance? I have already printed up the homemade trailer applications from the MTR website.
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you are in MA? illegal to use ME trailer registration intrastate. only good for interstate.

why not do homemade registration in MA?

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Answered in 25 minutes by:
Traffic Lawyer: Law Educator, Esq.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
MA law says that if you are a resident of MA all of your vehicles and trailers have to be registered in MA. If they prove you are a MA resident, it is unlawful for you to own a trailer and have it registered in another state, the Commonwealth of MA considers it a form of tax evasion. MA is well aware that non-residents can register in ME and that it is done to avoid taxation in MA, but it is not legal in MA for a MA resident to do so.
In order for you to get away with this, you have to prove you operate a legitimate business in Maine that the trailer belongs to, since as a MA resident you can own a business in ME and work in ME. But absent such proof they will convict you of having an improperly registered trailer I am afraid as a MA resident.
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The person who wrote this question got pulled over by a Ma State Trooper and fined $1,500. State Troopers look for trailers registered in Main being towed by Ma. vehicles. You can do it till you get caught. Your best bet is to get the trailers registered in Ma. as homemade.
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if they are older than 1995 then all you need is a bill of sale. If they are newer than 1995, write a bill of sale for a 1994 trailer

I've had a maine plate on my trailers for 25 years without issue.
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