Offshore in a Bay Boat

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Default Offshore in a Bay Boat

I have Mako 19' bay boat w/ Mercury 150 and would like to run to reefs on the South Shore of Long Island such as Atlantic Beach and Hempstead Reef and eventually hopefully work my way further out into more species but I figure these are good spots to gain experience with as they are not to far out. Everyone I have spoken to says its doable to run offshore on the "right days" in this boat, but what exactly are those right days . Wind Direction and Speed, Weather and Swell all play into this obviously . Should I be more concerned with Swell height or swell period. I am assuming a North, Northwest wind is most optimal. I am in well versed in running inshore but have not had a ton of offshore experience. Safety is my top priority. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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It doesn’t take a very big puff of wind and you have bruised kidney’s in a 25’ deep vee. If safety is really your priority, when you can’t see someone standing on the Jetty you are too far out. I’m an inshore fisherman with little offshore experience. Like you I keep wanting to work my way out. 19 is too small brother. Don’t take that PFD off.
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The "Right" day for one guy is an Apocalyptic Doomsday for another. Become a student of the weather, how all conditions affect a particular spot, and always beat feet before you have to.
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The words bayboat and offshore never go together. Sell it and get a bigger boat.
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Low single digit wind ssw, “light and variable” is best preferably in the middle of a 3 day stretch of that forecast. Know your fuel consumption. If you burn 2 mpg at cruise calculate your range using the rule of 3rds (1/3 out, 1/3 back, 1/3 reserve) using 1-1.5 mpg. Go with a buddy boat and maintain frequent radio contact because just a few miles south of montauk doesn’t have cell reception and vhf radio communication doesn’t reliably reach shore. A truly ideal offshore forecast for a small boat is few and far between.
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I assume you’re running Jones Inlet since you’re hitting local spots. Used to fish AB reef and Macallister in my 17’ very often before I moved up. Make sure you keep an eye on the tide, that inlet (and mostly any other) can be flat as a lake on the flood and become very nasty as soon as the tide ebbs. Opening day of seabass it looked like anything that could float was out on Hempstead reef on my way back in from sharking.
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It’s called a bay boat for a reason! Weather can change in no time and you’re in a life threatening situation. Stay in the bay and nearshore in a bay boat.
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tons of threads about "bay boats" and "offshore" :
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Bay boat equals no deadrise no freeboard no 3 to 1 ratio. Belongs in a bay not off shore.
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It all depends on the bay boat. We had a Robalo 246 Cayman bay boat for two years and a half years which my son actually used to start his charter business. That boat has a nice deep V bow and a 9 foot beam and is a beast. He's run that boat over to Bimini with no problem in a good sea and used the boat on many many sailfish charters. Obviously, it has its limitations, and he had to cancel plenty of trips due to sea conditions. His new ride is a 31 Contender which can handle pretty much anything you'd want to take a paying client out in. But many of today's bay boats are built for safe offshore fishing in good conditions. That being said, a 19 foot Mako is a lot different than a 24 foot Robalo Cayman 246. Still, there are many days, especially on summer mornings, when you will be able to run out of Jones to Hempstead Reef safely. Just be sure to head in before the afternoon sea breeze kicks up, and make especially sure you don't have an outgoing tide against the sea breeze.
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just get a SPOT device or EPIRB and send it offshore.... make sure your VHF works good and the winds are calm for the day (high pressure system)

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