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LoadRite trailer help

Old 06-06-2019, 06:52 PM
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Pretty sure Trailer Parts Depot in Oxford MA is the Loadrite Distributor. Well worth a call.
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Quick update.

I bought a Sherline trailer tongue scale online which arrived yesterday. As I was hooking up the trailer to take to the dealer Today I weighed the tongue (properly) and it read 530ish lbs. Thatís a huge difference from the 840 I got from a ďcertifiedĒ truck scale the day prior.

I decided to go to a different truck scale and worked with the people there to get the tongue weight two different ways. We got 540 one way and 580 another. Thatís pretty close to the 530 I got with my scale.

At this point Iím pretty satisfied that I donít have a tongue weight problem and the total weight of the boat seems to be within limits of the trailer. It tows well. No idea why the first weight was so far off. In fact I donít think Iíd want any LESS weight on the tongue of a 6900lb rig.

So that only leaves me the issue of getting the boat all the way up to the bow roller. I have a message in with Trailer Parts Depot in Oxford which numerous people have told me is a great resource. Have not heard back yet.

I am leaning towards doing the target bunks up front which is a fairly inexpensive add on.

Iím hoping Trailer Parts Depot can tell me if I need to keep the forward keel roller or if the bunks replace them completely.

Also not sure if I need to do something with the winch stand roller.

Happy with some good trailer news for a change.
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Old 06-07-2019, 01:10 PM
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I have found Trailer depot is great online- but show up at their door and buy or pick up something and it is a different story. I would buy from them again as long as it is all online or I schedule the pick up time with them.
Eastern trailers who is on here quite a bit maybe a better resource for asking questions about design issues.
The target bunks replace the roller. They will help protect the bow from scrapes while launching/rel

there are three cross members for the forward bunk. You would only need two.
oad. Verify you have enough cross members to add the bunks to.
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Good info. Thanks. Iíll try Eastern.

Trailer Parts Depot lists a LoadRite target bunk kit for my trailer so I assume I have the right crossbars. I will ask to be sure.
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I agree with others that the trailer looks OK. You got a better measurement but I would still try and get the tongue weight to only ~7% of the total weight, so maybe 500 pounds total. With the boat off the trailer, unbolt the winch stand and move it back to just behind the V of the frame that it currently straddles - maybe 5 or 6 inches. That will push the hull back a corresponding distance and reduce tongue weight somewhat.

USA Marine in Worcester, Slip's Capeway in Raynham, and Granite State in Derry are all Load Rite dealers too.
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