help finding a walk around or cuddy

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Default help finding a walk around or cuddy

am selling my 1977 Mako 20 and looking for a walk around style boat to accommodate fishing and family. I have been looking at byliner trophy, sea fox etc and need some real life guidance from people with first hand knowledge. I need like year may models and what to stay away from. Any and all help will be appreciated
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What length are you looking for? I adore my 2003 HydraSports 2800 WA.
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I was looking for a boat I could afford on a budget some years ago and bought a 1986 Mako 248. It's been great fun. I would recommend the boat but there are lots of resources out there like Classic Mako that can tell you about it. How much do you want to spend? what sorts of things do you want from it. Would be important to have the info.
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my friends as for sale a 23 ft caravelle cudy cabin new engine last summer inbord if interested i can give you more info... full canvas trailer ecc ecc
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How big? Budget?
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We owned a KeyWest Bluewater 2300WA that was rigged with a pair of F115's. Had if for three years and we had no problems with it. It made many runs deep into the Gulf and we overnighted a few times.

Solid hull, decent wiring, good hatches and hardware....and affordable. It was the second KeyWest we had owned and prompted me to buy my current one as the experience of owning it was so good.
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I know of a well kept 2003 Maxum that a widow is selling - boat can be bought right
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I'm prejudiced, my 25' 1983 Grady Trophy Pro is an awesome riding boat with tons of room. It's old and i had to replace the transom and fuel tanks. But short money on an old hull, don't cheap out on making her seaworthy and you can have a great boat for a lot less than new.
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Default Not mine,

But if it is within your budget, then this would be a good one...
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i have a sailfish 218 WAC. have little kids that love playing in the cabin so it suits me well. the cabin is big for a 21 ft boat. sacrifices the deck size of course. there are some lengthy reviews on here from other owners.
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I'm in a Grady White Sailfish. 1996 272 model. Ill be more than willing to take you out on it if crossing paths. Its on the big side for the trailer and the small side for the Canyons. I trailer all spring up and down the NE coast to the action and then rest it in RI for the summer. I've fished on larger WA's and smaller and can give you advice if you give some input to your style of boating.

I would not recommend mine without significant trailering experience. Its heavy, wide and consumes 6-7 mpg on a 6.0 liter GMC gasser. Technically would need a permit also as its a 9.5 ft beam.

Its little sister (Gulfstream) is an 8.5 beam and the same setup but not so good in big seas or sleeping comfort. Its big sister (Marlin) is a beast of a boat and very ideal but is basically untrailerable.

If going Grady White I would look newer than year 1999. Mine has wood and I believe in 2000 they eliminated wood from structural components. I also have that stupid stepped transom, in 2000 they extended it full length and it made a difference in following seas as well as no wake speeds. Mine likes to walk all over the pace in those two conditions.

I love my WA and have always had one, but I would bet my next boat will be an Express.
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I have a Grady White 282 Sailfish and the boat looks show room new 15 years later. Prior to this I had a Grady Gulfstream 23 footer. Both are great walk arounds. The Gulfstream is a huge wide beam 23 footer. The only issue you could have is that the boats technically need permits to trailer in many places because of the beams. I know many that trailer them and have never had an issues. Good luck with your search
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Default Maycraft

Maycraft is a pretty sweet boat for the value. Got one last year
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So thanks for every ones help i needed up purchasing a 1996 Proline 231. check out new post for info.

I'm planning on a i/o to outboard conversion
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