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First Time NE Coastal Run this Weekend

Old 05-28-2019, 03:10 PM
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My first time running a full keel inboard took a little getting used to, but steering was light and responsive.

Cleared inlet 7:15 or so. First leg we did about 2100 RPMs at 16 knots .

It was nice teaching someone to run a boat with so few controls, no trim tabs, engine trim, jackplate.

We could focus mainly on watching temps, RPMs, and basic navigation.

Entering woods hole with clear skies and light traffic was easy, but I'm glad I took 5 mins and studied the chart, I could see how poor visibility or not knowing the markers could get you in trouble.
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Old 05-28-2019, 03:28 PM
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Heading up to the canal, a bit of commercial traffic, and a pile of boats fishing just a few miles south of the canal, Stripers I assume?


Hit the canal right at slack tide, easy ride through, did about 10 knots, did see the USCG boarding boats though, dunno what for, we took the opportunity to clean the windshield and snap some pics.

Cleared the canal by 11, incredible weather, not much to report on the ride to Gloucester, we could see the Boston skyline from 15 NM out.

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Old 05-28-2019, 03:36 PM
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Entering​ Gloucester was easy enough, fueled up at Browns, she burned right at 40 gals over the 85 NM trip that day.

Celebration whiskey after a successful first day tied up dock side at Rocky Neck with MIL there to meet us. The previous owner surprised us with that table it slides in and out and looks beautiful.

Stretched our legs around Gloucester, spent a bit too much time at the Crow's nest, and had dinner at a place called passports which was great.

Back to the hotel around 10 to get some sleep in preparation for a rocky day on Sunday.
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Old 05-28-2019, 03:53 PM
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Good writeup and pics. Sounds like a nice trip!
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Old 05-28-2019, 04:02 PM
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Wind was 15-25 on Sunday, out of the Southeast. Given how flawlessly She ran for 8 hours on day one, I told the new Capt I was fine with it, but for them to prepare for a long slog through a following sea for most of the day. My FIL is typically extremely cautious with anything in life but he said he was good if I was, so we pushed off the dock about 6 a.m. We went ahead and took the river so we can avoid having to go around the cape, we nosed up on the little sandbar around wolfs Hill, tide was dead low and I was only about 10 ft off the STBD marker. Luckily the boat backed right off it, and we passed safely after hanging right on the marker to pass.

I later heard a couple guys on the radio talk about waiting to go through to the tide came up a bit.

It was quick to get through the river and we were in Ipswich Bay shortly after 7.

We ended up making a B-Line from Ipswich Bay to Kennebunk, rough water photos never seem to do it justice, the boat never felt unsafe at any point, just annoying being in a follow quartering sea for 5 hours. We rotated helm position every hour or so to save our arms.

Water seem to be roughest around the isle of shoals area, then again around Cape Elizabeth in Maine.

Not much to report other than that on the trip up on Sunday we only saw 2 other boats out there the entire 70 mile run. We managed to miss the rain storm that blew through Portsmouth that day. We did see a bunch of logs coming out of the river mouths north of kennebunk. We managed to avoid most of those but luckily at 10 knots they don't seem to do much damage, small ones anyway.

Once we got into casco Bay we shot just east of Cliff island and headed in dolphin Marina. Our new moor off graveyard point wouldn't be set until a couple days after we got there; we tied up there for the week.

Of course once we got it tied up on the moor the sun popped out and wind laid down.

Unloaded the boat and got back to the house in harpswell for a much-needed shower and nap.

Hit dolphin for dinner and flew back to Florida Monday morning.

Overall I was very impressed with the boat super solid no creaking or anything like that in that rough water.

The motor is loud but it didn't hiccup once over the 16 hours or so of run time we put on it in 2 days. We've been in contact with the mechanic in Massachusetts that has kept it running for the last 20 years, and I've already been in talks with a mechanic very familiar with the motor up in Maine to do the annuals. Our plan is to treat it well and maintain it to a t, and when it finally does leave us hanging we will repower with a new diesel.

In the meantime we think it will be great for what we want to do with the boat in the summers while we are up there.

This offseason I'd like to rewire it, install a bronze airmar for the simrad, and possibly do radar as well.

Thanks again for all the helpful advice.
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Great report.
Congrats on the boat and a memorable trip.
Thanks for posting.
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Thanks for the report!
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Cool looking boat. Looks like it may have received a new top at some point? thanks for the trip report.
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Old 06-03-2019, 02:44 AM
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Just seeing this thread - great report and glad the trip went well! Have done this voyage many times and you guys planned and carried it off perfectly.

Our mooring is in Harpswell also - Quahog Bay - so maybe we'll see your MIL & FIL around these waters. We'll be on the lookout and will say Hi!

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Great write up there. Those boats are great and looks like you had a cool ride.

I feel you pain pain in that last leg. I used to fish a 26’ Fortier for years. Awesome little boat and we took it through everything. Only time I hated driving was the following seas. Lots of work fighting the keel.
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Old 06-07-2019, 04:39 PM
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Awesome read!
Welcome to the Fortier 'club'. This is my 7th season with mine and I still love her! The fellow that owns Fortier lives here in town and I'll share your story with him - I'm sure he'll get a kick out of hearing about one of babies making it up to Maine. Curious about the origins of the hard top, sweet looking ride! Best of luck with her!

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