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Default Chincoteague flounder

It's been nearly two decades since I've been flounder fishing in Chincoteague or Wachapreague and was thinking of getting back into it this year.

How's that fishery been? From what I recall it was best in the spring, April-May. Which is when I would typically be trolling for trophy stripers but there's a good possibility that this season will be as bad or worse than last and thought maybe try flounder again.

Any insight on best time of year or newer techniques would be appreciated. We used to just drift Minnie's and a piece of squid.
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yes late April and all of May are ur best times inside. The bite has been pretty good 4 me but others complain...its all about conditions...wind for the most part. Minnies w/squid is fine as is other things.
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We fish Chincoteague every year and sometimes its hit or miss. We had good results drifting around Tom's cove and at times the Queen sound bridge. Like Terp said minnows and squid works the best with different color flounder rigs but white and orange has been really productive at times.
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Should be up there about that time and will report back. Have not fished that area ever so eager to learn.
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As said by others, that early season can be really good in the bay. Later, the off shore wrecks provide the best chance for a keeper bite.

The bay bite does move around. I always cheat and look for the few charter boats.
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FWIW I have a very good buddy who runs inside charters in his 25 skiff who fishes 2 trips a day that time of year...he will certainly shorten ur learning curve. PM is u want his info.
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I gave up spring rock fishing years ago. Take it from someone (or don't) who has spent an incredible amount of time fishing for those elusive flatfish both inside and outside. I've been fishing for flounder for the better part of 15 years now, in every seaside hole from OC MD down to the bridge tunnel.


When you put the boat in the water - move around alot and look for the best possible conditions you can find. If you don't have a trolling motor - find the right drift. Look for the cleanest, warmest water you can find around the island. Absolutely, they can be caught anywhere - but clean and warm water will give you the best chances. Again, if you don't have a trolling motor - fishing an area with the wind against the tide doesn't help you much.

Early in the year - don't be afraid to fish strangely shallow, especially if you find crystal clear water and the sun is out. When the water is cold, mr doormat loves to lay in the sand in the sun. I've caught them in water so shallow that i could touch the bottom with my hand from inside the boat.
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Jro let’s go
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Mrobertson nailed it. I love having a bucktail so close to the boat you can see it get bit sometimes.
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