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Weighted Chum Buckets

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I get old drywall buckets, or something similar and pour about 3 inches of concrete in the bottom and let it set. I then drill holes with a 3/4 and 1.5 inch drill bit in a sequenced pattern. I remove the carry handle and then fasten a rope around the lid so it stays secure. When I go buy chum from my local bait store, it comes in a mesh bag already so i just drop the whole mesh bag in the bucket and it works great. Fix a strong rope to the bucket in an appropriate size for your needs and you're done. It's a simple and cheap DIY chum bucket and has worked flawlessly for me. I made about 10 of them and lend some to some buddies if they are ever short on gear. I use about 2-3 chum buckets at a time in pair with a surface menhaden oil drip bottle.
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I stack a drilled 5 gal bucket inside of non-drilled bucket. Drop some scrap steel in the bottom and grind fresh chum straight into bucket. Straight into freezer. Outer bucket keeps it from leaking. Fresh chum better than that store bought crap. I make a cavity in the center of the chum to pour some oil/milk along with mixing.

2nd running rope thru the bucket and lid, however I did lose one last year cuz the bucket was cutting into the rope on very rough day.
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