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Towing of Striped Bass and Cobia Poll

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heycharlie, good posts. Again, what I posted was simply my thoughts and principles. I fully respect the opinions of others, especially if " I haven't walked a mile in their shoes" .
Good questions re: Fl red snapper ! Now, I'm talking about the waters of fl's east central coastline. State waters are from shoreline out 3 miles. Beyond that is considered federal waters out to the EEC.
In state waters, red snapper are open year round . Here's the catch, red snapper do not live in waters inside 3 miles . Oh, there have been rare occasions when a red snapper was caught inside 3 miles , but again rare.
Red snapper live arounds reefs that are in roughly 80 to 120 ft of water. ( 10 to 20 +- miles offshore ). You make a very interesting point re the number of species. Yes, there is a good number of species inhabiting our reefs.
I often bring back up to 7 different species when fishing with 3 or 4 guys on my boat. ( 29 ft combi BlackFin). Here's the interesting catch, now stay with me. Red Snapper are so thick, that often on many spots, it's difficult to catch other species because of the quantity
of Red Snapper. Seriously, it's so true: it's difficult to get your bait to the bottom before a Red Snapper inhales your bait . I'm not exaggerating . Often, we'll release 20 to 30 Red Snapper on a trip. They are fun to catch, but make it difficult to put other targeted species on ice.

Why all the releasing ? Let's look at the rules : Off my coast ( central east coast), the possession of Red Snapper has been closed for I believe 5+ years , in other words, it's a closed species. EXCEPT ; when the feds decide to give us a season, which they do each year.

Are you ready for this ? In 2018, our generous fishing Lords, granted us rec. fishermen a THREE DAY season , fri sat and sun in the middle of July with a 1 fish per angler , no size limit ( min or max) bag limit. This 3 day season is assigned without regard as to whether or not you worked weekends, were out of town and unable to fish, or if your wife was delivering your first born. 3 days, assigned by the govt. , and announced with I believe a 1 month notice. It just so happened that 2 of those days, sat and sun were unfishable due to high seas. Now, our govt', is not totally without heart. Because of the unfishable sea conditions, they gave us another 3 day weekend season two weeks later Turns out, 2 of those days were fishable.
1 fish per person, no size limit, 3 day season , and culling is illegal (again which I believe in ) . Unfortunately, I know of "sport" fishermen who used their livewells to store and cull fish.

2017 had the same type of 3 day season except that it was the end of nov. . which resulted in high sea conditions that dictated a second 3 day weekend in dec. Again winter high seas knocked out all three dec. days.

Red snapper are fun to catch, and are a delicious fish. Typically they range in size from 4 to 28 lbs. I don't remember, and I was a charter captain for 25 years before retiring, there ever being a shortage of Red Snapper. I do know, that because of the severe season restrictions, our Red Snapper
population is extremely strong. Hopefully the govt. figure out a way to open the season to allow for more days than the typically 3 per year. Interesting, the Red Snapper season on the west coast of fl totals something like 40 days per year. Go figure !

Hope my post wasn't too long and boring, I just wanted to answer "hey Charlie's" questions.

Heading out tomorrow for a half day bottom fishing trip with a couple of buddies. Water is cold inshore, 64+- degrees. Grouper are closed till May 1st, Red Snapper are closed, plenty of other snapper species, mangrove, mutton, etc.) open, but water a little too cold ( not meaning to bust you guys up north ). Lane snapper bite in cold water.

We all have something in common, whether we fish fl waters or va, md, and del. waters : we are all so fortunate to embrace the greatest sporting past time available. I truly enjoy your forum and look forward to fishing the Chesapeake this spring. ( based on various posts, I'll wait till May.
Take care, Capt. Billy/Right Stuff
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Towing? Really? Is that a thing?
I fish north of you guys and striped bass are my primary target

I release any cow I might be lucky enough to catch and prefer a 30" fish for the table
Cut out all the red meat and still feed the family

I disagree with culling. I have released a big fish, didn't catch another and went home happy

I'm more worried about allowing the bunker boats to start up again
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The BIG talk at the ASMFC meeting yesterday was about the amount of dead discards on the recreational side. Now I dont think the amount of dead discards are necessarily a bad thing in a highly used resource. I expect them to go up as we attempt to reduce overall mortality given the mortality rate of a kept fish is 100% and the morality rate of a released fish is 9% according to the ASMFC. However everywhere along the striped bass run we have a responsibility to lower the release mortality rate to as low as we can get it. I am sorry but "culling" and "towing" are not ways to do it. If you catch a 25" fish, keep it or release it before taking possession. If you keep it and catch a larger fish later, take a photo and release the larger fish. If you released the 25"er and didnt get the bigger fish you hoped for... Well better luck next time. It is sport fishing.

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( reason for asking--- I caught 100's of 15-20" fish last yr)

MD, while its perfectly ok with me no cull rule.. I would love to know fact's Do you have culling facts coldwater Vs warm? ( with size)
If anyone is saying !: Size of fish- size of live well - and especially... water temp does not matter , they are full of BS!
( so many variables) ( yes, I prefer direct release )

BTW to all.. ( Again talking in local water!! ) Normally @ this rime of Yr I see truck loads of huge rock leaving docks... This yr/ Only some oyster! The rockfish netters are pulling nets and have moved on!!!! No BS , this stuff is getting real! No fish in area!
Breeders need protection
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Report I read today said rockfish are on trouble and it will take drastic measures to bring them back.

It also said the measure of size limit., which was intended to help, had back fired in a very negative way. It stated mortality from catch and release was more like 10 percent than the lower numbers previously used.

While it goes on about rrecreational fishing it does not address commercial take of the big bass.

Anyway, the catch and releasereleasewill finally have numbers to show that catch 50 or 100 bass for shots and grins is more depleting than catching 2 to eat and moving on. It pisses me off the charters that get a limit and stay on for fun of it then act like the are concerned for rockfish.
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Mike, again sorry for sidetrack of OP... but discussion is often needed!
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Originally Posted by tvguy243 View Post
Towing? Really? Is that a thing?
My thoughts exactly. Crazy.
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