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Offshore 2018

Old 06-16-2018, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by coastalfiberglass View Post
I just heard it was on fire today. Should be some good reports coming in! I
Look forward to it. May fish between the Poormans and Baltimore tomorrow. Heard a rumor pork products did well?
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Check the water temp shots before going to the Baltimore tomorrow. There wasn’t much life there today
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Old 06-16-2018, 06:20 PM
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Went to Poor Man's today. Trolled north to Baltimore. There were a lot of boats. Sounded like bites were few and far between. I ended the day at zero
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bite today was between Washington/norfolk 600-805
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We fished the 100 line about 5-8 miles north of Washington. Only 1 yft with 2 shorts. Lots of skip jacks all morning and other life in the area. Sounds like the good water that was there the day before pushed south of Washington. Calm seas and good crew made it an enjoyable day.
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Tough day for us as well. Started in the Poormans, as we were pitting lines out had a purple/pink islander ripped from my hands, took a nice run but never came tight. All the chatter indicated that the bite was early there and slowed up quick so we moved east and deep to find some warmer water and trolled north hearing of a bite deep between the Baltimore and poormans. Had a few more knock downs but again nothing came tight. Beautiful day out there can't get em everytime. Did hear a couple boats killing some eye balls
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Same tough day as everyone else in the Poorman to Baltimore. Lots of boats , did not even get a knockdown. After a while headed back to hot dog area and trolled there with nothing to show for it.Great day on water. Got back to OC as thunderbirds show just started, at least that was pretty cool.
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Wash on Friday 10 yft 1/3 wm. Pulled off 4 or 5 other good yft and released 5-6 unders
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Made it down to the 800-850 with the OI boats yesterday. Bigeye and YFT bite was sporadic. Lot's of boats as the word got out. We came home with a few gaffer mahi and Bigeyes. Heard radio chatter of 180lb + Bigeyes caught. Tight Lines!
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Baltimore to Poormans mostly deeper to stay outside of the fleet.
2 bites one around 8 south end of Baltimore and 2nd around 10 am between Baltimore and Poorman.
Pretty sure 1st one was a Bigeye as broke off 100 lb test as soon as it came tight. Was in our high rigger which may have allowed a little slack?? 2nd one YFT 30-40 lb pulled the hook at the boat.
Beautiful day but lots of boats!!
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Boy, what a difference a day makes. We arrived at Poormans around 0730, caught a skippy right off the bat, had another knockdown that didn't stay tight, and hooked up a white marlin later in the day that came off about a hundred feet from the boat. Fished both Poormans and Baltimore, slow slow day.

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Rock pile to just south of Poorman's, 69* water, clear blue water, calm seas, whales, turtles--1 knockdown and 1 yft too small to keep. Particularly based on the previous day's reports, could not believe pickings were so slim.
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6/16 fished northeast side of the Baltimore ran past everyone 5 knock downs and 3 came tight 2 yellows 1 Longfin!! After we caught 3rd fish we were surround with boats. drove the fish down nothing the rest of the day

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first canyon trip of the year on the Ramblin thanks to Justin from THT (never did catch your username here)
Left the dock out of wachapreague at 3:15, We steadily picked off fish all day, lost a few bigger fish and still managed to fill the box up.

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Fished solo Saturday caught 2 yellowfins, 35 and 45lbs. Lost a monster at the boat after a good fight.
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We fished yesterday. Started in the poormans worked our way north in between the Balt and poormans. Sounded like some guys were on them real good early then bite died with all the boat traffic. We picked up one small yellowfin around 20 pounds. Had two other blowups that didn’t come tight. Couldn’t beat the weather. Don’t get many days like that offshore
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Went out in the small boat tourney today, worked poormans early down to the Washington, one wwb bite that came off in short order and a short yft. No such luck this year!
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Bringing the boat back North for the summer stopped by poormans and the Baltimore fri/sat. 13 nice yft. No bigeye one blackfin. Started in Baltimore ut the weed moved in so ran down to poormans and found them just north. Rolled into Montauk last night and got guys scrambling thinking theres a good yft bite local.
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late report from sat fished south of Washington. got a late start & when I arrived there were more boats than I wanted to deel with so I stayed inside 50 fathom for a while hoping to find some fish all to myself but no luck. finally pushed to 100 fathom & got a 60lb yellowfin & unfortunately with 2 green crewmembers ended up running all my gear over. worse tangle Iv ever had took over an hour to get straight & never got my head rite the rest of the day finished the day with 2 50-60 class yellowfin 3 dolphin & lost 5 fish 1 was a big bite with teeth on a blue-white islander way back probably a mako but maybe a wahoo. told my son he's never allowed to miss an offshore trip again. I absolutely positively could not be a charter boat captain & have new found respect for those that do it

& yes life is good and I'm blessed to be able to do what I love frustrating day or not

3/4 into a 50w & gone - mako or wahoo

thats a 165qt cooler. nice class of yft
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Fished this morning out of OCMD. Lines in at 7:00am at the hotdog and trolled SE. 15 minutes in i had two knockdowns on spreader bars and went 2/2 on under bluefin. Moved around a little but had no more action, so we called it a day by noon and headed back to catch airshow. Water was 66 degrees, very blue and lots of life (turtles, sunfish, dolphin, whales etc). Overheard the coast guard on the radio sending a helicopter to airlift a child, prayers for the family!
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