Blowing Ignition Fuses

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Default Blowing Ignition Fuses

I have gone through 5 ignition fuses in 1997 18ft Sea Ray now rider (From standard 10a up to 20a)
Each time the same.
Have been running 'in gear' - start to idle down - which works fine - until I move from that mid throttle set position to full idle. Then ignition fuse blows - and I'm dead in the water.
I can then put in a new fuse and it does not blow.
Also does not do this when changing same throttle positions and 'not in gear'. ??
The only wires I know of in throttle arm are for trim - yes?
Nothing electrical I know of that changes when going from 'in gear' to idle - yes?

So how could a throttle position change blow an ignition fuse?
And how can the 'short' then correct itself without any further change? - only to do it again with next throttle change.

Any ideas?

Not an emergency - as in I'm not adrift in the Gulf - but I've got to figure this out.

Puzzled Skipper
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I would guess there is a wire over your shift cable and every time your cable moves past a certain point it shorts the wire out. Hard to say without looking at everything but that would be my guess.
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Default Thanks

I suspect you are right. I have checked wiring from ignition to fuses to battery and it all looks good.
Not anxious to take the throttle arm apart but that looks like the next step.
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