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Default NSS evo3 struck. scan transducer selection advice

Hello All.
\Thanks for this great resource, although I just became a member, Ive been stealing your tidbits of knowledge for a few years now.
-Im boating/fishing in NY bight, 10 yrs. and would like to make a canyon run when I feel safe and confident, running out on a 04' 29 striper, w twin yams.
I just upgraded from 04' RayMarine c120 w dsm 250 transducer, to Simard NSS evo 3,w/ centerline thru hull 3d structure scan transducer.
-My question is why and what for would I need an additional thru hull transducer, a sonic-ss75m depth-temp transducer tilted element (part 31-795-1-01), the Simard rep at javitts boat show suggested this:
reasons given by simrad- if your looking at water greater than 600ft. ( i am not)
if you want your echo sounder to have capability to produce the older-2d fish marks were all used to. I love seeing any fish marks, but I wanted to upgrade to 3d and better technology, and it sounds like this transducer gives me back old technology..
My instinct tells me the 3d structure pic, is not that easy to use,or look at, and the combination of the two transducers,(flipping back and forth, 2d,3d) is what most fisherman want to see.
The gordian knot, buying technology always changes so fast, it good to have the latest tech. but few people have actually used it and can not sell it to you, as if they actually have used it,
and Simrad, definitely says you need it, b/c they sell it. And if you read the advertisements, its exactly what you need, "to see the fish" but is this additional transducer necessary?
Has anyone used one vs. both?
Sorry for the long winded post.
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You will want some sort of traditional style sonar in the system. The 3D structure scan will work great for finding structure and bottom detail or composition, but it is not ideal for marking fish. That being said in shallower water you may be able to mark fish with the structure scan, but it not necessarily designed to do that. Most guys that run offshore (canyon trips) will be using 1kw transducers. If you are not worried about holding bottom past 600' then a 600 watt transducer is sufficient. If you are looking to extend your depth capabilities past 600' then a 1kw would be recommended.

As far as transducer types in either a 600 watt or 1kw unit I think a Medium frequency range Chirp would be your best bet. This will be a good all around Chirp transducer that will work for many applications of fishing. If it was me I would run a B175M 1kw along with the 3D structure scan to get the most out of your system.
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Default Thanks for quick and concise reply

Thats a great explanation and thank you for the reply.
One day when I have this knowledge I hope to share also.
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