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raymarine radar problem

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Default raymarine radar problem

Im not sure if it is me not being able to use the radar right or not. We have had problems with the radar for a while with different things being a problem. We had the radar working and the next time we showed up(week later but the batteries died since the shore power switch was off but we turned it on and the batteries charged up.) we turned the unit on it stated "no data" which from raymarine means the device is not being detected and the cable is probably not connected. After verifying the cables were tight it still read "no data". Then out of no where five minutes later it starts the scanner warm up. After the warm up we turned it on and then it read no data again. So after a while of switching from the sonar screen to the radar screen on the c-120(sometimes that made the scanner warm up or warm down turn on sometimes not) we get the radar to work. We turn it off and than the unit off and get some sleep for the next days tuna trip. We wake up, turn the unit on and the "no data" sign comes up again. After a while we turn it on and it works. SO HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM. When the radar is on and trying to get a picture all we get is a yellow screen. When using the gain the screen is black all the way up to 93. once the gain hits 93 it is all yellow. The tune doesnt do anything to help. We had this problem when we opened the boat early this year but it just started working and worked fine all the way up until the "no data" happened. I think when it was working the gain was on 67. The "no data" I think might because the batteries died since the shore power circuit was turned off causing the batteries to drain. I heard the c-120 is voltage sensitive and that could have been the no dat problem. I am also not sure if it is the unit or the radar with the gain function( im think it is the unit. The radar is a 4kw 48 inch open array. Any help or advice is greatly needed. Thanks in advance.
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Default RE: raymarine radar problem

Please tell me what you find out...I am trying to get an expert to look at mine. exact same thing happening to mine right now, down to a T. It worked perfect, and then one day, same exact thing you are reporting. To top it off, it happened the day before the OBMST and the fog overwhelmed us.
thanks in advance.
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Default Re: raymarine radar problem

Have you upgraded your software to the newest version?
I know our version isn't up to date with the newest software update, so I am thinking maybe the new software might be the fix.
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