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SonicHub to Fusion 5 ch Amp Connection. Please Help

Old 11-18-2017, 11:37 AM
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Default SonicHub to Fusion 5 ch Amp Connection. Please Help

I have a SonicHub1 networked to an NSS Evo2 and intend on connecting to the Fusion 5 ch Amp. The Amp will drive 2 JL770s and 2 JL880s (that I have not yet purchased) + 1 Fusion 10” sub. The 4 speakers are all placed in the cockpit and each side are only about 12” apart. I also have 2 4” speakers in the cabin that I plan on running with the zone 1 outputs from th SonicHub.

I have a couple issue I need advice on.

1) The SonicHub has one rca output (zone 3) intended for an external amp. But my Amp has 3 rca inputs, one for the sub out (to the sub in inputs on the Amp), the second for zone1 inputs, and the third for zone 2 inputs. The Amp speaker output connections are labeled 2 for zone 1 L&R, 2 for zone 2 L&R, and one for sub.
Q: With only 1 output on the Sonic Hub, do I need an rca y-adapter to get low level signal to both the rca z1 and z2 inputs on the Amp? Or do I just plug into the z1 inputs in a bridged configuration and run the R&L z1 speakers in parallel?

I hope this makes since. It seems hard to follow when I re-read it.

Bonus question:
Q: Any idea why I cannot get the zone 3 output to be controlled by the master volume on the evo2 MFD? I can control it by going to the individual z3 volume but the master will only control the z1 cabin speakers. I’ve tried every config in the zone master control screen to no avail.

I can post pics of the recommended speaker configs from the Fusion amp manual if that would be helpful let me know.

Thank you for considering my questions, it is appreciated.

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Old 11-19-2017, 08:56 AM
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Here are some relevant information from the Fusion amp manual.

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Default ..

Volume - there should be a way to setup in a menu to control which zones with "master" - can't recall of the top of my head, but it's there. I have mine zone 1&2 off and only zone 3 (amp) turned active. At least this is how it is setup with my fusion black box radio and evo's

As far as RCA - my JL amp has 3 inputs, but it has a setting to specify how many RCA inputs I'm using. I just have 1 pair of cables going into the amp and it powers all 8 channels.

I run a separate set of rcas out of the "sub" out on my fusion black box to power the sub.

Hope that help.
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Old 11-20-2017, 09:13 AM
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I have pulled a few of those amps out when doig upgrades. I will tell you first off they are very week amps. Your set up deserves a lot more power.
I would be running a jl m800 if you want only one amp but to fully push that set up you should have 2.
The Fusion 10 is also no where the quality of the JL ib10
The 8.8's like at 200 watts a speaker more and they are fine. The 7.7's are 150 you will be giving them 80 a piece. They will sound good but nowhere near their capabilities.
Keeping the fusion amp you will have to use y splitters. To z 1 and Z2 you can combine those obn switch to run sub.
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Old 11-20-2017, 11:08 AM
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Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. I have been anxiously waiting as most of the package is installed, with exception of the 880s that are shipping today.
Not what I was hoping to hear Doc. But maybe I needed a dose of reality.
The reason I went with the Fusion is that my son works at WM and they offer the Pro deal at Fusion, and nothing for JL. Probably not a good reason when making this kind of investment. Water over the dam at this point.
After reading your response I may have the following two options as another $1000 dollar amp may be out of the question for now.

1) Get another 2 channel amp and power either the 770s or 880s with that and bridge the Fusion to power the other pair. And run the sub off the Fusion.
2) split the output (z3) from the Sonic hub and run both pair of speakers off my current Fusion knowing I could be enjoying much better sound every time I power it up. Grrrr.

Doc, can you clearify your last sentance please? Are you saying to select z1/z2 of the sub controls on the Fusion amp instead of having “sub” selected when using the y-cables? Also, if I did bite the bullet and get a m800, I would also need a mono block to power the sub? If this is the the case, I would have to delete the Fusion altogether?

Kublid, There is a zone selection screen on the Simrad MFD for master volume control. I have selected only zone 3, but it does not move z3 to the master volume control. Very puzzling. Interestingly enough, it does not seem to hold that setting. After powering down and restarting, all 3 zones are selected again. No matter what the selection, the master volume only effects z1 of the Sonic hub. Very frustrating.


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