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Suzuki/Lowrance LM400- Fuel Reset

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Default Suzuki/Lowrance LM400- Fuel Reset

Attempting to match-up what I know is in the fuel tank with what the sensor is displaying. Ran out of gas so I know it was empty and display told me it was empty. When I left port it told me I had 87 gallons but that is another story....Put 55 gallons in and display was reading 76 reading off the Fuel Level Sensor. Using the fairly difficult operator manual, attempted to reset, unconfigure, reconfigure, etc. which got me a reading back to 0 gallons. Thought maybe I was on to something and did a partial fill on Fuel Set-up to 55 gallons. Display still reads 0. I pushed a lot of buttons as my frustration mounted but with a cooler head I turn to THT.....any suggestions? Just trying to get my fuel display to read 55 gallons...
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There is only one way to set the Suzuki networks up and to get long term reliable fuel data.

At this point, no-one can really know what you have done by pressing all those buttons!

So the best idea is to start over from scratch.

This is how.

Turn the engine key on so that the SMIS gauge (LMF) is on.

In the menu, select network/device list/ and select the Suzuki. Select configure. A screen will pop up and you should check that the boat setup is correct - for example if you have one engine and one fuel tank, select that option.

Then, set the fuel tank capacity to match how much fuel your tank can hold when full.

Then exit out and check what the system says for how much fuel you have remianing. What we want here is to see fuel remianing = same as the tank capacity. If it is not, go into refuel menu, select refuel, select set tank to full, and enter. DO NOT INPUT ANY FIGURE FOR FUEL ADDED, AND DO NOT SELECT THE CALIBRATE OPTION.

Now, go and fill your boat fuel tank to full.

Yes, this step is absolutely necessary and is a critical part of the process to ensure your Suzuki interface is calibrated correctly so that, long term, the actual fuel used and what the system says, will be the same.

Then go fishing, burn at least 1/4 tank. The more fuel used, the better. Take a careful note of how much fuel the system says that you have used.

Now, go back to the same gas station and preferably the same pump. Refill the tank to full again. Try to fill it to the same "fullness" as last time. Take a note of how much fuel it took.

Now go into the menu and select the refuel option. Select "set to full".

Now, if there was a difference of more than 2% between what the SMIS/LMF said had been used and the actual amount taken to fill the tank, select the option to calibrate. It will then prompt you to input the actual amount of fuel added. Do that, and complete that process.

You have now calibrated the interface so that next time, the fuel used "predicted" and "actual" results will be closer to 100% accurate.

You may have to repeat this calibration process up to 3-4 times. That should get your results very close to 100% accurate. Once you are within 1%, I would recommed you leave it alone and dont calibrate any more times. You can appreciate that the system accuracy is then affected more than anything else by how full you fill the tank each time, and that is, in turn, affected by the angle that the boat is on at the gas station pump.

Once you get the system this accurate, you can revert to doing partial fills like you have been doing recently.

Refuelling then involves going into the fuel menu, selecting the option to do a "partial fill", and then inputting the amount that you added to the tank. The system will then add that amount to the fuel remaining figure to give you a new total for fuel remaining.

I would still however recommend doing a "fill to full" every so often - maybe annually might be enough. Remember, some fuel can be lost due to evaporation. So doing a fill to full every now and then will help ensure your system stays accurate and that you dont unexpectedly run out of fuel.

As a matter of good boating practice, it would then be advisable to never run the fuel levels down to less than 10% of your total tank capacity.
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Thanks Moonlighter- I read your previous posts on similar subjects. I am on version 1.0 of the interface software and I don't have "network/device list/Suzuki as options or at least as I can see. I have twins with a single 200 gallon tank. My other issue is that the boat is about to go into storage and I won't burn 200 gallons of fuel between now and then. Just seems like Suzuki/Lowrance would have figured out when creating the code that being able to reset your fuel level would be a pretty frequent and in-demand feature. It appears the trip fuel is working so if I know I have 55 gallons in the tank and I watch that and the fuel burn as well I think I should be OK?

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