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Default Loran Waypoints into Garmin

Anyone successfully entered Loran waypoints into a Garmin unit?? I have a 188C and according to the manual it can be done but a couple of things are confusing. In addition to the GRI # and TD Stations 1 & 2, the 188C Loran TD Setup Page asks for a TD offset. I'm not sure what a TD offset is....I called the USCG Navigation Center and they are not familar with it either. Any help would be appreciated.
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Default RE: Loran Waypoints into Garmin

I too called the USCG, funny they couldn't answer me either. I think you will find your offset for your timezome in your manual. I use loran on my 182c and constantly go back and forth with GPS. The good thing for me is my FF and Radar are constantly in GPS so I can compare the conversion to Loran with the actual #'s.
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