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Default Console Setup Question - Reconfigure Or Retrofit?

Scored a left over Raymarine e127.

Looking to install it in my 1999 HydraSport 23 WA.

Question regarding placement.

Should I mount it where the storage bin is on the right side, and keep the factory gauges and switches?
If I go this route, I will have to mount it lower so the top right corner can fit.


Should I redo the entire console, gauges, switches, etc.

Concerns about the reconfigure is that it will lower resale cost because it's not a factory set-up.

Not sure if that's important or not.

Ideal outcome. Have a clean display and layout.

Let me know what route I should take.

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its too big for your space without looking chopped up. I would get something that fits. That's why I'm looking to trade my hds10 for an hds9.
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Here is an example of replacing the storage compartment w/ a Garmin that fits the available space.

It is easy enough to replace the compartment panel w/ a flat panel.

It looks like the e127 cannot be made to fit. The concerns are: the bezel width versus the flat dash surface; the corner mounting holes having clearance on the interior for washers / nuts and the instrument cutout versus the available space.

The partial views looks like the instrument cannot fit. Can the instrument fit?

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use the trim piece, or make a template (or use the one that came with your unit) and see it it will fit on either side, then you can decide what to do.

I think it looks like it's too wide for both sides. And it also looks like the gauge side of your console is angled out and the dash is not completely flat. Kind of rules out making a new dash panel unless you do some fiberglass work and straighten out the mounting surface.

Maybe a couple more pics from different angles will make it look different.
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It won't look right with the big MFD unless you redo the dash. I think on a '99 boat, a dash redone nicely with a quality MFD/gauge layout will enhance value. Key words here are "redone nicely". Pretty sure from your pics that means some fiberglass work will be required.

Or go with a smaller MFD as others have suggested.
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