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Default Simrad and battery connections

I recently purchased a boat and right now it only has one battery. The starting battery. At this time, there is no trolling motor but I plan to get one in the future. I know that needs to go on a deep cycle battery. With that said, should my Simrad Go7 be on the deep cycle battery as well? Any harm on it currently being on the starting battery for the time being?
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When possible I would always put electronics on a separate house battery. When starting your engine there is a surge in power to the engine that could affect anything on that same circuit. I have a friend with Furuno package in a 37 Riviera if motors are off and he goes to restart all electronics shut down and reboot. Not sure how he's wired or if it's a furuno thing. I have seen it with Furuno on other boats also.

I am sure it's a safety issue that Furuno has built in, I would imagine other manufactures have the same safety precautions
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You trolling motor probably won't be 12v so it likly can't go on trolling battery.
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the world is full of boats operated satisfactorily with one battery and a gps/fish finder device.

The only "harm" is that of running down the battery if used long enough with the engine off.

The drop in battery voltage (not a "surge in power") that occurs while the starter motor is running can sometimes cause a device to shut down on "low voltage" - but usually only If the electrical wiring is substandard or the battery weak.
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I am rewiring my house/start battery right now because of this. As wired by installer everything is either on battery 1, battery two, or both.

On occasion, when I start the motor, it'll pull the voltage down far enough to cause my Lowrance HDS unit to reboot.

The boat is 12 years old. Only became an issue for me as second owner because I put more sophisticated electronics on board. First owner never perceived a problem.
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