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Default JL Audio MM100S operation question

I have installed a JL Audio MM100S this weekend.
I have 2 issues with this head unit that is bothering me.

1) I can't make the 2nd zone track behind the main zone. it either is just as loud as the main zone which is annoying because it it the cabin OR it has a fixed output level that is unaffected by the volume knob. You can't raise or lower it at all unless you go in and make it follow the main unit volume level. Anyone know how I can keep the volume at like 20% -40% lower that the outside cockpit area?

2) I can't find a useful purpose for a fixed output zone. (Zone 4)
In my mind it really only has 3 useful zones.
Does anyone know why you would want a fixed output of a zone?

Any help would be appreciated?
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1) go into zone settings and you will find you will find tons of options on how to control the zone vol
2) fixed could be used for something that is controlled down the line with another level controller like a bass knob.
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