SIRIUS Marine Weather

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Default SIRIUS Marine Weather

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Default Re: SIRIUS Marine Weather

Too bad the price is still way too high.
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Default Re: SIRIUS Marine Weather

$100/month? Yikes.

I looked at WxWorx. It will run on your PC and provides the same basic info. The package, including sat antenna, brain box, and sw runs about $600 (non blue tooth version). There is also a monthly fee, but it's nowhere near that pricing.

Anyway, still too expensive for too little utility. It's neat to watch fronts on sat radar, but in reality, it isn't all that useful unless you are in an area with fast moving, unpredictable fronts. Our weather is usually pretty boring.
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Default Re: SIRIUS Marine Weather

Fast moving unpredictable squalls? You just described Florida and the Gulf States pretty well.
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Default Re: SIRIUS Marine Weather

Here's the RM info sent today

Click the link at the bottom for screen shots

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Default Re: SIRIUS Marine Weather

I was just looking at this today. I was wondering when Sirius was going to come out with a weather program to compete with XM. There are actually 3 plans to chose from, with the Professional Version being $99/month. The other two are the Mariner ($29.99/month) or Voyager ($50/month) depending on what you need.
Essentially the difference is the forecast range (including wave height, period and direction) and it also includes a number of other features.
The mariner will predict the forecase for waves up to 3 hrs, the Voyager is up to 25 hours (probably the average boater) and the Professional is up to 96 hours.

Also here is an introductory plan they are offereing:
. Are there any introductory offers for this new service?
Yes. Our Charter Subscriber Program delivers the entire suite of SIRIUS Marine Weather, a $99.99 per month value, for $29.99. This offer is available for a limited time.

Here is the FAQ for the service:
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Default RE: SIRIUS Marine Weather

Price does seem steep. The receiver itself is $1000.00 retail. Cool though, I could easily convince myself.

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