case ground on radar/depth sounder??

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Default case ground on radar/depth sounder??

I notice the radar and sounder both have screws on the back for grounding. I want them easily removeable and a wire screwed to the case sure defeats the purpose of the power plug. Why do I need another ground other than the battery negative? They are both ultimately going to the same place? I guess I could wire in another plug but it seems silly making another ground connection. My other electronics don't have a case ground but their cases are plastic and the new ones are aluminum?? Arlon
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Default Re: case ground on radar/depth sounder??

More than likely, you don't need to ground the case unless you have power to the units coming from isolated sources (which probably isn't the case.) In other words, if the neg leads end up in the same place, you don't need to worry about it.


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Default Re: case ground on radar/depth sounder??

Tying the chassis grounds together and help prevent "ground loops" which can impair performance. Having said that, I don't do it on the boat (although all my ham radio gear at home is grounded in common).
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Default Re: case ground on radar/depth sounder??

Believe this if you have never tried to trace down a ground loop problem, you have never experienced frustration! Ground loops are very difficult to diagnose and most of the time you just say the he%% with it and ground everything and hope the problem goes away! I would say the safe thing to do is follow the manufacture's installation instructions - Many times the shield wire is picked up thru the connector which is screwed to the case and the 12 V power ground does not connect to the case, only to the power supply inside. Hence the need for grounding the case.

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Default Re: case ground on radar/depth sounder??

Where would you connect the ground wire? Would it be to a grounding plate (may not have one), to the negative battery terminal or the negative terminal on fuse block.

My chartplotter shocked me last weekend, and in tracing the problem I found that the ground lug was not wired to a ground. I am hoping that grounding the unit will solve my problem.

What do you experts think?
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