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Minn Kota Ulterra Riptide Problems

Old 09-29-2016, 01:06 PM
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Default Minn Kota Ulterra Riptide Problems

So I have a MK 72" Ulterra Riptide GPS trolling motor. This machine is great...when it works; which is lately like almost never. It is only 7 months old and has frozen up several times and then was at shop for work for almost two weeks. Then it worked twice and froze again while off shore. Now it did not reset it self and it sounded like everything inside was grinding.My friend and I took it apart and the insides were shredded. A large worm thread was sheared off and various plastic parts broken and or malformed. With much effort we were able to get it about 30 degrees out of the water and limp home at about 15-19 knots. It is obvious to me what the problem is here. Excessive bouncing and troque stress while at sea and salt water corrosion. I later learned that many other users have had similar problems. Now I can't get anyone to help me take if off my bow where it is fixed mounted per MK's directions. I also learned the mechanics inside were for the 60" shaft and mine is 72" and probably can't stand the sheer. Engineer at MK said it was tested on a "shaker table" before release. I said this is BS because unless they sprayed it with salt water it means nothing. Incredibly MK does not recommend an easy dismount pad like it's freshwater model. My friend has similar motor and just put one on anyway. They have discontinued current model and offered me a refurbished one. Great. They also don't recommend a ram rod for stabilizing. Why I have no idea.

I sum, great idea but product pushed out before thoroughly tested. I would love to hear if others have had similar problems. Not happy;
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Default you arent by yourself

We purchased a 226 seafox in July and decided to get the 72 in alterra trolling motor too. This trolling motor has given us nothing but problems after problems and has been in the shop more than it has been in the water. It has failed to stow itself after being stowed out in the water. We had to work on the stupid thing on the front of the boated while getting drenched by the waves, The next family trip we took the boat out an it was working at first then it starting to slowly stop working we stowed the motor for inspection and the it started tripping brown rusty water from the top of the unit when in the stowed position. We has brown rusty water running inside the boat. Then the motor stopped working so back to the shop again. Then at another trip a couple weeks ago in september we went to panama city to fish in the bay and the motor deployed but i noticed the boat was still moving after i pressed the spot lock position. Upon further inspecrion i noticed that the motor wasn't spinning the prop again. I took some of the covers off to inspect all connection after reading some tips from the internet. After another ruined fishing trip later after I got home I started calling minnkota again to see what it would take for us to get our money back. I had allready talked to the them early after the first unit deploy motor busted after just 2 uses. Minnkoto sent us a new unit but like you read above the problems still continued. We was so tired of it we had to do something. we felt like we just wasted nearly 3000 dollars. Thats a lot of money for something that you cant get any use out of. So after many calls and much complaining minnikota is trying to give us our money back. I dont recommend this model until they get the bugs ironed out. It has been a nightmare. As of 30 sep 16 we still have a non working unit on my boat and we still havent gotten our money back. I have been studying about the 72in rohdan unit.
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I have been debating buying one and the local shop that repairs TM's says the Ulterra's are making him a ton of money. I hope they work out their issues soon because I really want auto-deploy and stow.
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Originally Posted by mikefloyd View Post
I have been debating buying one and the local shop that repairs TM's says the Ulterra's are making him a ton of money. I hope they work out their issues soon because I really want auto-deploy and stow.
Same here. I love the idea of auto deploy and stow from my tower. No way I'll pull the trigger with all these issues.
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Yeah.... Glad I got the regular riptide with iPilot and I had not heard of all the issues. I just figured as hard as I am on stuff, I didn't want to get stuck with it down off shore.
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I've had mine since March. Has worked flawless for me so far (knocks on wood). I don't know how I fished without it.
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I've had my Ulterra about 3 months or so, but have only had the opportunity to use it a couple of times. No problems so far. I had the i-PILOT previously. I absolutely love the Ulterra concept as it should save my back.

Only issue that I have is that shortly after purchasing mine, I learned that Minn Kota was coming out with an updated version sometime this fall. It is supposed to have a better GPS and software that will hold tighter when using Spot-Lock and a "jog" feature that will to allow you to change spots slightly. Had I known this, I would have waited.


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