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Sonar, No Data

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Default Sonar, No Data

I have a raymarine E120,DSM 300 and a B258 transducer, I was out fishing couple days ago, sonar was working fine, then display showed "no data".

This morning I crawled under the trailer to take a look at the transducer, the face of the 'ducer look fine except for a spot in one corner about the diameter of a ball point pen that is grayish whitish, my questions are, is that spot suppose to be there and what can I expect if I replace the transducer with a !kw tilted element.

PS: I often do my trip planning on the trailer before I leave home, (set up waypoints) the display and the DSM 300 are on the same circuit breaker, when the dsm is on I believe the transducer is also on, while I am doing my trip planning could this damage the transducer?,

Thanks for the help.
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Check and make sure you have proper voltage to the DSM 300. They are very sensitive to voltage. The dot on your transducer sounds like the temp sensor. What you did should not have effected anything.
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Without question, the DSM and the MFD should be on separate breakers. Whether operating the DSM (and necessarily the transducer) out of the water will cause heat damage to the transducer is an often debated topic. I don't pretend to know the answer. There are plenty of discussions about the subject though, such as this example:

Will dry running a sonar transducer damage it?
I sent this question to Airmar customer support. I currently have a separate power switch to turn on/off sonar. With my new electronics it will be controlled from the chartplotter - so pretty much it will be on when the chartplotter is on. I don't run the chartplotter dry much, but it will happen especially during install...

Note: this may not apply to a non-Airmar transducer.

Will running an airmar transducer (say the P66) out of water cause damage?...

Discussion Thread
Response (Irene) - 10/25/2005 04:00 PM
Dear John,

Thank you for contacting AIRMAR Technology Corporation. Damage could possibly occur, but failures are rare. If the P66 or any transducer for that matter, is run at its maximum power rating out of water for an extended period of time, it could potentially overheat and burn out the ceramic element. Additionally, if the P66 has a paddlewheel and the boat is tailored, it is advisable to either remove the paddlewheel or tape it stationary. Extreme air speed could potentially short the paddlewheel and cause the sensor to fail.
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Thanks for the help Gentlemen.
Update: finally able to take console apart and get module out, no status light, 12.7v at power cable where it plugs into module.

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