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BEP cluster install question

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Default BEP cluster install question

Ok so I have searched and keep finding conflicting info, waiting to hear from BEP and Blue Sea. Long story longer, it was time to replace one of my batteries, decided to get rid of the dreaded wing nuts on my terminals on both batteries, then said since I've come this far I might as well move the batteries into the console like I have been planning. Not willing to leave well enough alone I want to add a VSR into the mix. So I have 2ga wire all the way to the batteries in the stern already and I found that the original installer never shortened the main power wires to the motor, they are coiled under the battery tray in the bilge, another win because I think they are long enough to reach the console. Currently have the 1-2-all perko switch with the two batteries and everything works fine. It appears though, that the starter and alternator wire are both connected to the output of the perko switch. This is a 2004 Honda BF200 and I am talking about the heavy 3 wire harness that has ground and the two positives I just referenced. Do I put both of these to the #1 bank on the BEP switch and the house wire on the other or do I need to figure out which one is the alternator and put that directly to the starting battery. Can't seem to get a clear answer. Manual for the motor doesn't really identify which positive is which though I would assume the heavier positive would be the start wire, looks like I would have to pull the front cover off the motor and trace them to be sure. Thanks for any help.
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The cluster came with a clear wiring diagram. no luck there? I just installed mine and don't recall seeing two reds from engine on diagram but may have been there.
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Haven't purchased the VSR yet but the BEP shows only positive and negative from the motor. Blue seas diagram shows a third, alternator?, wire but only in their diagrams for inboard motors and said there should only be a positive and negative from the outboard. This is where I am getting confused because there are definitely 3 wires coming from the output on the current perko switch, 1 to the house buss bar and 2 to the motor. The Honda manual doesn't really reference the alternator wire at all.

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