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Default Semi recessing B265 or TM265's the situation. I have a SS264 50 kHz in my Boston Whaler 235, and whilst it is really good in flat sea conditions, I am not happy with the performance with choppy sea conditions at any sort of speed compared with my keel mount GT51 and performance fairing B744, most likely due to air bubbles running along the hull and over the face of the flush mount tranny. The SS264 transducer location is as good as you can get, no thru hulls in front etc. I have also tested the 200 kHz SS264 in this hole and whilst a bit better, it is still now where near as good as the B744 in the fairing (which by the way is brilliant, but lacks depth penetration).

Now I have seen how good the 600W GT51 CHIRP is in the deep water with the Garmin 7610xsv, I really want 1 kW power, but I am not keen on putting in a B175m in the SS264 hole (which is obviously the easiest solution) as I will still be getting some air over the face and also I only get one CHIRP channel and I would really like both medium and low in 1 kW as I do deep drop to 500m deep (+1500 ft) and would like the low but would also like the 1 kW medium to get a narrower beam in case the low is not that good which I have read about. The GT51 by the way is really good in 250 m (800 ft) and does read bottom to 1500 ft but does not have the power to show fish.

The best option by far will be a B265 ML with performance fairing, but the fairing is huge and too big for a 23.5 ft boat. I am not going transom mount (TM265) as transom mounts will have even more issues that the flush mount B175 with aeration....

I am considering semi flush mounting the B265 into the SS264 hole so it only sits proud by about half the normal height and using the fairing that will now not be that high.....

OR using a TM265 semi recessed in the SS264 hole so it only sits half way out, assuming the bullnose front on the TM265 will give a nice water flow and not need a fairing to get a clean flow over the face....although I am worried about this?

Both options will need a bit of glass work and I have dummied them up and I think can make them work, so that is not big deal and I can do that myself. I am not worried about how hard it is to do, I just want the best transducer performance.

Opinions/suggestions welcome.



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