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Default Any Experience with Autopilot Wireless Remotes?

Interested to hear feedback on wireless autopilot remotes. Specifically, what kind of range do they have, could I stand on the bow of my boat and look for coral heads while navigating in the Bahamas and use the wireless remote to correct course? Likewise for trolling, could I stand in the cockpit and work the spread while using it to correct course? This one advertises a 32' range, is that realistic, is there a way to boost the range if need be?
32 feet would be more than adequate, just not sure how well it would be able to connect with the autopilot.
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I have Simrad WR10, it's specified to 100' range, I've verified it to work at least 100' distance.
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Default Raymarine wireless

Had one on my 42' sailboat and it worked great anywhere on the boat. Could control the autopilot and received instrument info on the display. Obviously couldn't control the engine and bow thruster but everything else worked ok.
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as long as you don't bury the receiver deep down into the boat then you shouldn't have a problem
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