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Default Galvanic Test Cell Question

When testing with a test cell and digital voltmeter, looking for over/under protection of anodes, or the presence of stray DC current in the water, all I have ever seen mentioned (in boating literature, that is) is is the silver/silver chloride cell.

I was reading a technical article that expressed a preference for a copper/copper sulfate
and even a zinc/zinc chloride test cell, but didn't elaborate on the reasons.

Anyone here know the backstory on this, and why the Ag/AgCl dominates in boat testing?

And why such a simple device should cost north of $100, and often 2x or 3x that? There is about 20-cents worth of silver in these things, so that doesn't explain it.

[technically, they are actually "half-cell reference electrodes]

BTW, Chem 301 was a very long time ago, before I changed majors.
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All the fancy measurements are great but analyzing the numerical results is more of an art than a science and even if correct there is little you can do with the result. Spending your investment on accepted protective measures will probably be more productive that gathering very accurate but useless data.
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