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Default Marine audio question

Looking for a quick answer instead of having to self study to teach myself how audio systems work. Never really been into big sound systems so never learned the in's and out's.

I currently have a fusion RA205 with a pair of JL audio MX650 speakers on my 21 Cape Horn. Overall pretty happy with it but it is marginally loud enough when running. If the speakers were facing the driver probably would be fine but mounted on the side of the console puts them at a disadvantage.

Question is what is the next step to upgrade the system, can I add another pair of speakers without a loss in performance in the existing ones? What will an amp buy me? What if I wanted to get a sub?

The boat is only 21 and I run a two group 24 battery setup with a VSR. I definitely don't want the system to be such a power drain I can't run it at the sandbar for an extended period of time.
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Yes you can connect 2 more speakers to zone 2.
Zone 2 power is not being used.
Fusion advise 4 X 50 Watt channels although the ratings are bull*** because they don't advise the units as being in 'peak music power out' PMPO or 'root mean square' RMS.
The later being a more accurate average value probably about 8 Watts per channel and the other the IQ of Einstein.
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You've already discovered that location is everything when it comes to speakers. Proximity, orientation, etc. Some boats are simply more cooperative than others in this pursuit. You may have to get a bit creative in order to get a substantial improvement in sound.
Even if you are not a bass-head, bass is the rhythmic foundation of most music and adds weight to the sound quality. In contrast, some bass information is very complex and melodic, and I don't want to miss out on any portion of the music. So a subwoofer can be a major improvement.
But I would begin with the boat and solving the speaker locations before starting to form a parts list of audio equipment.
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