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Default offshore hunter help

I have a new PC now and I need some help transferring personal numbers to new PC. anyone have any luck with this? Also, is OH able to transfer numbers to SD card? it would great to transfer to the new garmin,
any feedback appreciated.
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Why not just use Homeport with the Garmin?

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Should be able to transfer them to the GPS and new PC via a SD card.

OH uses a proprietary format last I played with it.Homeport is nice but not nearly as featured as OH or Andren.
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yeah, you can save them all to an SD or jump drive and transfer them to your new computer. I don't think you'll want to dump all 10k numbers into your GPS, that's a little crazy. But what I would suggest is to download Garmin's free Homeport program, it works great as a managing tool and is very intuitive, especially compared to the antiquated OH programming. OH offers the capability to save them in one of 9 formats, but you'll probably want to save them in the "Garmin Waypoint Manager" format to make it easier, then import them into the Garmin Homeport program. From there you can make different folders and categorize them however you want, then it's very easy to transfer the waypoints or even routes to your MFD.
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