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Default Power steering whistle in my speakers

When I turn the wheel I get a high pitch noise in the stereo speakers. Only when the stereo is on of course. No wires are zip tied to the power steering lines.
Brand new boat that I'm using for the first time. I did install electronics but the noise is there even when I remove power/ground to everything I added.
I've read where there could be a bad ground somewhere. Or wire zip tied to other wires or a bad head unit. Any ideas where to begin troubleshooting?
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Some suggestions in this link, but it sounds like you need a filter on your lead.
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Filters are the absolute last resort and even then shouldn't be used.
Amp or no amp? I assume a verado?
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I would never say never, but rarely would you ever use any type of filter on contemporary audio electronics.
Not having the exact same ground reference between all electronics in the audio path is often the cause of the problem you describe. And the same can be said for the positive side.
Sharing a ground or supply with a high current device such as a pump can be an issue and often independent high gauge cables are needed to the supply source.
And occasionally the amplifier input gains are set inordinately high, which simply exposes another problem that ordinarily wouldn't be so audible.
Diagnostics is performed by discovering exactly how and where in the audio signal path the noise is entering. Once that has been confirmed the solution usually becomes obvious.
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As the noise is emanating from the steering pump, bonding it to ground to remove RF noise may solve the problem at the source. I say RF rather than inductive, as the brushes produce all frequencies of noise. A capacitor filter is usually adopted to shunt these signals to ground hence the need for a path to disperse them. What power assist pump are you using?
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