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Default VHF Radio for Lake Erie

Can anyone tell me if a handheld VHF Radio is acceptable for use on Lake Erie?

I will be fishing in the Port Clinton area and will not be venturing into Canadian waters so I wondered is a hand held was acceptable?

My 2004 Seaboss 210CC has a Cobra with 4' antenna, but I am selling it with the boat.

Unfortunately I had to downsize so I my new boat is a 2014 Alumacraft Voyageur 175.

Since I can only make it to Erie only one or two weekends per summer I do not want to have to install a regular VHF with large antenna IF I DO NOT HAVE TO.

My fishing is primarily in Indiana on the lakes and reserviours.

Please advise!
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It all depends on what you want to use it for. For emergencies - Marblehead USCG is pretty close by to Port Clinton or the islands for that matter. USCG will probably request your VHF pan pan or mayday calls to a cell phone anyway (based on the numerous calls I've heard on 16). Weather reception will probably be tougher especially if you're behind one of the islands. Remember wind and waves pick up REALLY fast on Erie but are generally forecasted well ahead of time. Fishing info on 9 well that's a guess.

Remember a handheld has a very short range by design and either handheld or fixed mount works via line of sight. So a higher antenna and more power of a fixed mount gives you a safety factor. Your bucks your choice. However if I was going with a handheld (which I wouldn't) I'd make sure I had a well charged cell phone with emergency numbers for USCG and a tow service.
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