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Default Minn Kota battery charger - Are they dependable?

Does anyone know how the Minn Kota battery chargers hold up?

I have a 55lb thrust Minn Kota V-2 and have 2 Interstate deep cycle batteries that will be used. I am considering buying a Minn Kota MK 210D charger but I have read several posts that show they have issues?

I would consider other charger brands if anyone has a recommendation.

My boat is a 2014 Alumacraft Voyageur 175.
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Can't speak for the Minn Kotas dependability, but they just seem awfully big / bulky. I have been happy with the Guest Chargers, much smaller and in my experience, dependable.

I've had a 2611a two bank charger in my boat for 8 years and never had a problem. Just installed a 2613a triple bank for my 36V trolling motor set.

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Have a Minn Kota MK315 with a 3 battery system purchased April 2009. Installed in center console and has been plugged in anytime boat sits on lift, has never missed a beat.
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If you need help with battery charger, feel free to reach out. I can steer you in the right direction, even if it is not from me.

Many of my customers swear by minn kota, but like Coke vs pepsi, some love one over the other.

I am partial to Guest & ProMariner & Charles because I do not see any returns with them.
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