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Default Structurescan 3d problems

I recently installed Structure Scan 3d on my 2015 ranger 620fs. I'm noticing some restart issues when viewing in 3d and more frequent with a custom page. Custom page entails a horizontal spilt structure 3d top 75% and lower 25% sonar for target distinction. It has speed, depth, time, water temp and voltage on the top of structure 3d section. HDS12 GEN3 seems to run fine with sonar, SideScan, DownScan, and chart. The 3d module is not restarting because my HDS7 GEN 3 on the dash will continue to work just fine. I have noticed a 0.1-0.2 voltage differential between the HDS12/7 on my dash. Just seeing if anyone else has had a similar problem or encountered anything with the structure 3d. I also just sent my dash HDS12 in for repair the was restarting on structure 3d mode. I've moved my bow 12 to my dash and now that one seems to be restarting in 3d mode and with the custom split page. Any thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated. I can post a pic of the split later tonight.

My setup includes
Version 3.0 haven't upgraded to 3.5 yet
Bow HDS12 Gen3
Dash HDS12 Gen 3
Dash HDS7 Gen 3
Structure Scan 3d
Motorguide XI5
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I would look at your power wire and ground wires on that unit. Have had restarts and I had to pull on wires. The positive wire pulled out of the crimp. Put a new one on and never had a problem again. There was a few years on that crimp. Not sure how it became loose.
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I had the issues you descride didnt check the voltage either but I found it was more a grahics processing draw issue when you think about it its quiet a bit of work for a non cad gpu and screen do all the latest up dates including the 3.5 for the sounders and also the 1.2 for the structure 3d after completing those you will find it wil al work with out any issues I have just a tad more than you with your elecs and thats what cleared it up for me
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