Speaker location in 175 Scout

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Default Speaker location in 175 Scout

Hey guys…

I know there has been many of these threads and everyone has been helpful. I've searched quite a bit using different keywords but didn't find quite exactly what I'm looking for.

Im running a Scout 17 center console. When I bought the boat the 1st owner installed 6.5 speakers in the side of the console. They installed them on the left side between the door and side console. This left me with only being able to install M6.50s. Im running a 400/4 right now for them.

Im wanting to add some more sound and open to options. Im not asking how to power them, I can cover that. But I'm hoping some of y'all can help with what y'all have done or the best option for me. Im looking for more sound when parked preferably. I can control 2 zones also with my head unit.

1. 7.7s or 8.8s in the front of the bow angling in and aft.

2. 8.8s in the console near the foot space.

3. 1 or 2 10ib5's in the console near the foot space.

4. Combination of something up front and in the foot space of console..

I attached a picture of the side console and why i couldn't go 7.7s and also a standard picture of the bow. Thanks in advance.. TJ
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Any input? Thanks TJ
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Some boats are more cooperative than others. And you have to take what the boat gives you in many cases. With your objectives in your particular boat, you certainly have your challenges. For example...
In open air you want speakers that are as directional as possible towards the listening perspective.
Output losses for speakers pointing away from you are immense.
Subwoofers and fullrange coaxials that share the same air space within the center console need to be acoustically isolated so that the smaller and subordinate speaker isn't a sympathetic radiator for the larger & dominant sub. I've only scratched the surface of what it takes to get the most out of your investment.
I would visit with Odin at Earmark Marine (a sponsor here on THT and an authorized on-line JL Audio dealer). He's an expert in designing this type of open air audio. He's also the best at system tuning.
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