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Why 2 Simrad units?

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Default Why 2 Simrad units?

When many of you build your boat, you install 2 separate GPS/ depthfinder units. Why?

I have never grouper/snapper fished much, but have hopes of doing more. Why would I need 2 units?

Also, it seems like some of you installed 2 transducers? Again why?
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1. It's easier to view the navigation and bottom information on 2 separate screens rather than on a split single screen when setting up on fish.

2. Redundancy in case one unit fails.

There are a number of different reasons to install 2 different transducers. Wide beams are better for finding fish while narrow beams are better at bottom discrimination. Side scanning often requires a different transducer than 2D views.
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It depends on how you are using the unit. When you run radar, plotter, sonar, autopilot and sonic hub the screens get really small.
If its just a stand alone plotter, one is fine.
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Originally Posted by Fishindawg View Post
When many of you build your boat, you install 2 separate GPS/ depthfinder units. Why?

I have never grouper/snapper fished much, but have hopes of doing more. Why would I need 2 units?

Also, it seems like some of you installed 2 transducers? Again why?
I'm having two units installed for (no particular order):
1-Safety, in case one fails
2-I can have my radar on one, chartplotter/fishfinder on another.
3-I can run my Flir (thermal night vision) on one, while running Radar on the other.
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I can see the need if you tournament fish, have radar and autopilot, go far offshore. Otherwise 1 good unit is more than sufficient.
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I did it for most the above reasons. Redundancy the biggest one. Plus it was significantly cheaper than one large screen (nss 8's).
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In my case it was quite simply that I wanted one MFD at the front helm and another at the rear helm. In addition all the other reasons given apply.
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Not knowing what GPS/depthfinder unit you are using or knowing what other accessories you have I would say you need to use what you have now. Once you fully understand how to use your current unit will tell you weather you need a another one. So for now I would say stay with what you got.
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I have often run 2 or 3 MDF screens. Reasons, is size. One for radar when necessary on full screen, chart plotter (may use the 3rd for AIS if in crowded area), and finally at least one depth finder--often one down scan and one depth sounder//side scan / depth finder. Lots of combinations are available. Also often I one one chart plotter at small scale and one at large scale.
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Many boats simply don't have the panel space to mount a large MFD to use in split-screen mode, plus the redundancy is a definite plus. To be fully redundant, though, don't combine the two smaller MFDs in such a way that if one fails, they both fail.

That could include both circuit breakers, and networking options. If both are networked, at least have a plan to quickly de-network them if a network issue causes both to fail simultaneously. Probably easier said than done, especially with flush mounts with difficult access to rear panel .
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I think the redundancy element is overplayed. About the only thing that would be redundant is the MFD and even then if the master fails it could be a hassle. There's the network hub, gps antenna and many other elements that are single points of failure. On my old boat I had split systems. A better way to go IMO. On my current boat i have 3 E120's and a Furuno depth. I carry an iPad with Garmin maps and a gps dongle as my backup.

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I also run two units.

1. Simrad - 4G radar with a heading sensor and through-hull ducer for standard sonar.
2. Garmin - for structure scan and redundancy.

Units have their own separate fuse blocks and can be powered up with my external jump box if needed. For me having all the information displayed on large screens allows me to spend more time pulling fish over the side rather than sitting at the console...

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