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This is my first post, so please forgive me if I make a mistake. My husband and I go boating on the Long Island Sound. He has spoken about getting some electronics for the boat. We have a radio (VHF) and that is it. He is fairly good at navigating the waters but has mentioned he would like to get a GPS and I would like to purchase one for his birthday. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand and model? Thank you.
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I would suggest a Garmin unit. They are very easy to use. Basically if you can use an iPad you can use a Garmin. You did not mention what kind of boat but the 840XS is a great unit for starters. Email me if you like, I will be in the office all day today and can help you.
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Thank you for the reply. The boat is 20' bow rider, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Easy is good, I don't think either of us, at our age, are looking for anything complicated. How hard would the Garmin be to install? Will it show us where to navigate?
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Garmin for sure, definitely agree with Mike. Garmin is VERY easy to install for the most part and depending on mapping, you may be able to get the autoroute feature like with the G2 Vision cards.
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