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Underwater Lights: Color, Best, Brightest, and Alternative Solutions'- Color Change

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Underwater Lights: Color, Best, Brightest, and Alternative Solutions'- Color Change

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Default Underwater Lights: Color, Best, Brightest, and Alternative Solutions'- Color Change

It is 2014, LED technology has improved and some prices have dropped, I would like to revisit the topic of underwater lights to see which products are the best options to consider. I only want to install underwater lights once and do not want to have to deal with poor quality. Long-term quality is important in my decision. Is 5 years too much to ask? 10 years? 20 years? Some LED experts believe 20 years is a realistic life expectancy, let's see what THT thinks. Anyways, I have drop lights now and want to wait for the right installed solution, is it now?

My Goal:

- Ideal world, Light up the transom of a 24ft boat with a full color changing underwater lights solution and have enough lights for far reaching "halo" while avoiding dead, dull spots. If I can never afford it then white, blue, green are the minimum required colors for me, or just wait until I can have a quality COLOR solution. I would hope this thread ends up as a good source of information on the topic.
- (Note: Harsh Salt Water Florida environment)

Open a beer, this might take a while...

As a means to have a more organized view of the marketplace for underwater lights, it would be nice to have a comparison report, maybe to build a table in Microsoft Excel to compare all the top model numbers or collection of required components needed to deliver the solution, their respective cost, all against such factors such as a light "throw""halo" indicator such as Lumens, along with power consumption, build quality life expectancy, light bulb life expectancy, installation footprint, etc.

This kind of information could help me understand my options and allow me to rank currently available solutions in order to answer "best" type questions. Or even to be able to say with confidence "any of these will be more than fine, but avoid these..."

I began this thread because I was inspired by Lumishore and OceanLED, and I started looking at the OceanLED A16 'Colours'-Color Changes lights. I was inspired by the evolving flexibility with color changing LEDs as some expensive LEDs can do all R/G/B/W generating all colors(?). Some underwater lights can change between preset colors, you can stop on any color, or tell it to automatically scroll through the full spectrum or strobe for each color in different ways. I like this flexibility if not the price tags. I see that most the other lights on the market still require my choosing for example either white or green or blue or red.

If you want to see what I am talking about check this out:
Benchmark performance out there today:
Lumishore (My dream solution, this is just amazing ---> MUST SEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QssTCFIdyOg (I think this is the ideal functionality I want to achieve for just 2 or 3 transom lights using a dashboard control with additional control via apple/android smartphone/tablet app using Wifi would be icing on the cake... )

OceanLED Colours Thru Hull HD Gen2, A16 Pro Extreme Color - I think offer a similar experience??

Here come the questions,

1. The search begins. What are all the currently available products to meet my goal of a color changing underwater lights solution? (Unreliable "Wal-Mart" and gimmicky products need not apply)

I will continue to update this post for the foreseeable future until I feel the question is sufficiently answered. Whether it takes purchasing from a trusted seller or creating an alternative solution from scratch.

2. What is the Best and Brightest lights side-by-side? Technology/Quality - Will color changing LEDs last? Do color LEDs really offer the brightest underwater light halo at each color? (That nice SeaBlaze comparison chart showing brightness comparison is no longer relevant to current products - it is time for a redo - to me they lose credibility comparing to out-of-date products. - http://www.underwaterlightcomparison.com/) Hey Lumitech, with all due respect, calling you out here, update your site please.

- Does new functionality limit expected lifespan? Does the strobe option impact durability? I have had strobe lights in the past for diving and had many issues with failure. Will any color LEDs die then I will have 7 options instead of 8? This goes to jack-of-all-trades master of none concern.

To answer my #2, let me begin by saying that the best products in this field are designed, engineered, and manufactured by very smart individuals with access to their own sub-components or with resources to make them from scratch. R&D surely results in many failures until the right balance is met and becomes a sellable product. The best sellers produce a perfectly balanced fixture that is fundamentally sound internally, externally, and artistically. The best? Lumishore, OceanLED, Bluefin, with Shadow Caster and Abyss doing their best to maintain a place at the table. Key factors in your decision likely will be #1 Budget, #2 Preference, #3 Patience. Many products are out of the question for most so we look to settle, letting the Lumen-to-Dollar ratio guide us.

Answering my quality concerns: Yes, I do believe LEDs will last a respectable percentage of the advertised 40 to 50,000 hour lifespans. Failed design and heat being LEDs worst enemies. So you better trust the company's design capabilities or reputation to make things right when purchasing. As it is, LEDs seem pretty hardy and surely several companies are worth a look for those seeking single color solutions. The opposite is true when looking for a quality UW color changing RGB solution as few can actually fulfill expectations.

Brightest Halo? Lumishore and OceanLED top end Color LEDs have reached the point where they throw acceptable halos at all colors. White is always the brightest and the rest of the spectrum achieves different lower lumen levels.
LEDs are a solid state technology, efficient design is key, new functionality should not impact lifespan. ex. strobe, a series of LEDs going dark with top end product. Now, there appear to be exponential problems with creating a bright color changing solution and this is evident in only a few companies do it right and they charge for their know how. Troubleshooting, RGB drivers, RGB controls ... all add complications that I see smaller outfits can not be bothered by developing quality color solutions for this harsh surface mount marine application.

3. Are there any legitimate competitors that I should consider? should not consider? (I am going to post in this thread some research to help answer my own question, but the question is open)

Review my "Initial Research" section below. I think it represents a consolidation of links to the underwater lights marketplace.

What to NOT consider? Where do I set the bar? What solution is sufficient? Throughout this process I have heard so many times, "Well, how much light do you really need?" Ummm, less than the Sun more than the Moon .... admittedly a fair question.... here is my answer:
I begin to consider drilling holes in my boats at near 3000 Lumens per fixture. My diving experiences tell me I expect an illumination level at least equivalent of a 35w HID dive light ~ 3000++ Lumen.

I think the best look requires 6 - 8 lights. In order of priority, 4 pointing straight back the transom (3 minimum), 2 port, 2 starboard, check the other compartment in the wallet, 2 down. Currently, color is not really available to the mass market, but for those who can it is sublime. RGBW LED Emitters are becoming available. I predict hi powered RGB LEDs will be the norm in the near future, I hope. Selection today is limited. I want the flexibility to fish green one day, cruise crystal clear waters in white, dinner cruise in blue the next day, and when I want to hail the authorities to come over and conduct a safety inspection, then I go into full color changing happy hour party mode.

4. If I can not afford to do a COLOR solution or wait, what other products will deliver?

I am going to continue to explore the Alternative Solutions section below, but if you have $2500 burning a hole in your pocket, consider the following:

- a full deck of SeaBlazeX below the waterline in Blue and White would make you happy. There seem to be several OEMs going after this $300 range market.

- Do it for well under $1000. I am very impressed with this solution. https://loomisled.com/ - Go see what this mad-genius MIT garage guru has been up to. Great lumen/$ transom 24 LED Flush Mount Lights. Not the prettiest but brightest per dollar, 4 on your transom might shoot 100yards in clear waters. https://loomisled.com/shop/2-24-led-...rging-battery/ (not sure if suited for side or bottom mount, might need a modified bezel)

Or start your color lights odyssey project by getting:
- 2 OceanLED A16 Colour
- 2 Lumishore SMX150-CCP w Controller
- maybe 1 SCY-40 Color Shadow Caster
- 2 Rigid Wake Flame Color ones
- 4 Bluefin LED Piranha P6 Color Change Light - 2500 each
- 1 Bluefin Hammerhead 48 Color 10k lumen under $2k
wow, this is a slippery slope here, now your back to looking at thru-hulls...

One thing with multiple lights, ideally you want them all to burn the same consistent color or else one looks brighter than the others. Get all the same light if this is important to you.

5. Is there a manufacturer out there that wants me to test out their lights? Let me know.

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Default Initial Research

OceanLED Product Line http://www.oceanled.com/underwater.html (Top of the line stuff here.)

Apex lighting/yachtlights recommended: "For a 24' boat, I would recommend the OceanLED A8 Colours at $650/each. I think 2 or 3 of these on a 24' boat would be plenty of light. They would allow you to select any color, strobe or fade between colors using a simple on/off switch."

Aqua Luma Product line http://www.aqualuma.com/ (Australian - Only in Blue and White but looks like serious top of the line stuff)
Rigid - 855-760-5337 - Product Line (marine) http://marine.rigidindustries.com/pr...ighting/marine
(Definitely some rednecks in that company :-), appear to be some very bright lights. Would like to see more Youtube video on their “Wake Flame SXL” line in the ocean. update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT6sdImUxcE)
Bluefin LED Product Line http://www.bluefinled.com/products (British company- I am extremely impressed, they have some top of the line product - I would like someone to share pics if you have these)
Aqua Lights Product Line http://aqualights.us/led_lights?b=1 They are custom builders w 10 year warranty
Macris http://macrisindustries.com/miu-30-led/ - a unique light $599 and they have trim tab lights
Astel Marine - http://www.astel-marine.com/en/under...ed-lights.html (Impressive looking lines and color options but I see limited products available for sale in the US)

Lumitech Sea Blaze http://www.lumiteclighting.com/produ...laze/seablaze3 (No RGB color changing lights now but they offer dual color. They have a lot of fans of their Seablaze X model.)

Abyss Product Line http://www.abysslite.com/product-cat...rby=price-desc (Starfish offered in RGB. I would like to see a comparison against Lumitech. I am concerned about their quality if pressure washing can damage the seal and light. Need some more info here.).

Lifeform LED Product Line https://lifeformled.com/titan/

Good Article:
November 09, 2011
Using Underwater Lights
New gear opens up the science of fishing lights
By George Poveromo – Saltwater Sportsman

George mentions the following description and Mfg in the article:
Hydro Glow (877-895-4569; hydroglow.com) battery connected drop lights, tube lights
Lumishore (941-405-3302; lumishore.com) “now [in 2011] offers a line of surface-mount fishing lights in white, blue and green. Models SM20 (830 lumens), SM50 (1,210 lumens) and SM100 (2,310 lumens) have power comparable to a 50-, 75- and 150-watt xenon light, respectively, and a 50,000-hour life expectancy. At 12 volts, they’ll draw 1 amp, 1.5 amps and 3 amps, respectively, whereas at 24 volts they’ll draw half an amp, three-quarters amp and 1.5 amps.

Introduced this November [in 2011], surface-mount model SM150-CCP (for Color Change Plus), which draws 5 amps at 12 volts and 2.5 amps at 24 volts and has power equivalent to a 150-watt xenon light, offers a range of colors: blue, white, cyan, green, magenta and red. It features three strobe speeds (as short as 30 seconds and as long as a couple of minutes) for any chosen color and three selectable output intensities in preset colors.”
- I found good videos here http://www.lumishore.com/galleries/ship-shape-tv
Source jfm

- Product Line http://www.lumishore.com/products/un...-boat-lighting
(Note: as of 2014 the Lumishore EOS Thru Hull are hands down IMHO the best available systems. If budget allows, look no further. Get at least 8, 4 pointing out the transom and then 2 on each side, oh yeah, and at least 2 pointing down. THX1501-CCP @ 17,000 Lumens, THX801-CCP @ 10,000 Lumens, THX120-CCP @ 8990 Lumens, THX72-CCP @ 4480 Lumens, or SMX150-CCP @ 2950 Lumens the 120 and 72 are at the "End of Line" in production so you may get a deal.

Now....due to budgetary constraints, I may need to do a little more research. Actually, you may have noticed my focus is on SURFACE MOUNT that feed off of 12v/24v battery power.)

Shadow-Caster (727-474-2877; shadow-caster.com).
Product Line - http://shadow-caster.com/products/underwater-lights/
(cool trim tab mounted underwater lights)
Again 2011 from article These high-intensity LED underwater lights are manufactured with 316 stainless-steel and polycarbonate housings and have a life expectancy of 40,000 hours. The three models, the SCM-4 (17-watt), SCM-6 (24-watt) and SCM-10V2 (42-watt), are available with a wireless controller with key fob to control dimming and strobing. The lights are priced at $479, $549 and $679, respectively.

Four pairs of model SCM-10V2 neatly arranged on the transom of my Mako 284, shooting outward for a bright and powerful throw. This model measures 10 inches in width, 214 inches in height and half an inch in thickness. (George Poveromo)

George wrote a nice article, although some of product details are old from 2011 I included them as they might serve to compare against 2014 product specs and prices.

Now continues my recap from OEM sites

Larson Electronics - Underwater Lights Surface Mount - http://www.larsonelectronics.com/c-2...er-lights.aspx
Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
E-mail: sales@larsonelectronics.com

Note: This Larson light does White, Blue, Green or Dual Blue/White --> Underwater LED light - 8 LEDs - Dual Light Color Illumination - 30 Watts - 2700 Lumen
It has a better price than Lumitech SeaBlazeX. Check Larson link above.

Hurley Marine http://hurleymarine.com/shop/sea-vue-lights/rgb-led/ Phone: 1 906.553.6249

CoastalNightLights http://www.coastalnightlights.com/styles.html (I did not feel impressed. No RGB color changing lights here but seem to have white, blue, or green at average Joe prices. Don't expect these to be the brightest either. I will wait and spend my money elsewhere.)

Perko Product Line http://www.perko.com/catalog/categor...rwater_lights/ (I did not feel impressed, maybe someone needs to point out a product to me.)
Dr LED http://www.doctorled.com/M500.htm (I do not see new technology here)

MARKETPLACE LINK: Good page that crawls across the landscape of underwater light options - http://www.nauticexpo.com/boat-manuf...ght-19534.html

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Shadow Casters are now available in full color spectrum. Pm me for info
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As mentioned on another thread it now comes down to personal preference and budget. The sea blaze are extremely nice but there are other options. If I were you I would seek quotes from all vendors and see how you make out.
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Get a few sea blaze X and be done with it. They are extremely bright for the price. Are they brighter than the newest shadow caster? No. But they are 1/5 the price.
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ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS - Here in this section I am going to add details about non-mainstream but interesting research tangents I found while looking at underwater lighting. Some are promising DIY Underwater Lights Projects that hopefully ends in a posting of design plans. Regardless, this section is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

In no particular ranking.

1. Direct Connect to Submersible Super Bright Bulbs - potting

Here is an extremely bright HOMEMADE solution that bullynet and flounder gigging fisherman have used to light up the ocean like a sunny day but has some obvious drawbacks...

Main Components:
- You must have a generator on the boat to make this work. (120v)

- Qty: 3 Type: FEL 1000w 120v Comments: about $15 per bulb. These things put out 27,000 lumens each in the air and very bright in the water (...@ $350 a bulb with 240,000 Luminous Flux you can try a 2500W bulb - anyone who tries this PM me a good nighttime youtube video link and I will update and post here)

- Bulbs are directly soldered to the prepared cut end of an extension cord approximately 14 gauge (add a switch and fuse if you like). One extension cord per bulb.

- PVC framing is used so lights can be positioned in the water, below a boat contour as to not blind the operator. You do not want to look directly into these lights. Often the PVC is bungee cord or clamped in place to railing/or modified to fit gunwale when in use. Wiring runs through the PVC.

- Silicone sealant (note: it has a wide temp range to 315 degree Celsius and waterproofing capabilities) Some people use black tar for this waterproofing step over the solder and fitting into end of PVC. BE SURE TO LEAVE THE BULB GLASS CLEAN - oil-free when constructing. The glass part of the bulb will be in direct contact with the water, submerged and kept cool in the water with a full 360 degrees shine angle (unless that is if you incorporate a reflector housing or diffuser glass cover.) Just be sure bulbs are in the water before turning on then unplugged and cooled before pulling out.

Bulb Details: (You can use GE, Osram, or Ushio)
This Ushio bulb is 1000 watts 120 volts with a clear lamp finish. This bulb has a color temperature of 3200K and G9.5 2-pin base. The lamps filament is CC-8, and overall length is 4.094 inches. This T6 bulb has a luminous flux of 27,500 lumens.

Base G9.5 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3200K
Diameter (in) 0.748
Filament CC-8
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 27500
Maximum Overall Length (in) 4.094
Rated Life (Hours) 300
Shape T6
Voltage (V) 120V
Wattage (W) 1000W


OSRAM SYLVANIA HMI 2500w /SE 115v G38 Mogul Bipost metal halide Light bulb

OSRAM metal halide HMI lamps are the professional’s choice for exterior and interior daylight lighting. Thanks to the special blend of mercury and metal halide in the arc tube, HMI lamps generate the 6000K color temperature required to match natural daylight, making them very effective for stage lighting and large screen projection applications.

Abbreviation Name HMI2500WSEXS 115V 1/CS 1/SKU
Base G38 Mogul Bi-Post
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
Color Temperature (K) 6000K
Diameter (in) 2.362
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 240000
Maximum Overall Length (in) 8.86
Rated Life (Hours) 500
Voltage (V) 115V
Wattage (W) 2500W

2. Drop Lights & Corn Bulbs

Exploring products employed by different user groups. Squid fisherman that use underwater lights, what are they using?

Here is an interesting stainless steel and plastic housing to protect when the lights are in use or being handled. I could not take away much more from this product as it is from China, with unknown manufacturer/seller reliability, price, availability, and quality. I understand the LEDs being used are CREE. This made with the strongest LEDs available would make for a nice drop light in case HydroGlow does not work for you.

https://loomisled.com/ - If you want quality, check out these drop lights made by Loomis.

Corn Bulbs

Underwater Shrimping Light guys are sure to find a way to put Corn Bulbs to use.

E27 30W 492-SMD 3528 LED 2850LM White Light Corn Bulb Lamp AC85-265V #01559747

Source: Captleenoga

3. Mason Jar Submersible Dock Lights
Using a glass mason jar and sealant as a housing for your light

Here is a crude example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8pTZdfvCBE

Dock Boat Lift Lights Plans and Materials - http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-...g-project.html

4. Clear PVC housing with inner core wrapped in LED

Here is a cheap solution but may entertain ideas. None of these looked very bright due to the super low quality LED lights used as a source. Finding quality high lumen LEDs is a challenge to many light builders.

http://shrimpnfishflorida.yuku.com/t...L#.VEfyFE10z8U - Detailed DIY Plans

Azreptile example:

Different Strip RGB Brightness Options up to 12k lumen per adverting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6e5Ylr3EPg

They make WiFi controls for Android / iPhones

The 5050 RGB Strip lights might work elsewhere for you. 5 meter 5050 RGB with Remote Controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?annota...&v=7WCg5hExMcE

5. DIY Surface Mount lighting - Here is a Homemade solution from Sdc77 in France. LED Puck

Major Steps: Buy a round LED light and break it as only the inside control board with everything attached is need. An extension wire gets soldered to the back. All of this gets placed in a round mold with a spacer put in place to protect circuitry, extension wire poking out the back through the center. He repurposed a round puck shaped mold - originally used to ease the task of moving furniture called "Castor Cups http://www.componentforce.com/category/479/castor-cups". Then once the spacing is set and glue gunned in place the MAGIC occurs. He pours a beautiful resin in that seals everything and leaves it crystal clear for an awesome weatherproof and finished look.
Epoxy clear casting resin : http://www.michaels.com/easy-cast-cl...=epoxy&start=8

You can Google this 14950-Building-your-own-underwater-Led

My Critique:
PROS - What a nice finished look. Easy install like all other surface mount lights.

CONS/Improvements: Crappy weak LEDs, what is the best and brightest LED he can fit in there? Use that. [how hard is it to source these "super bright" LEDS??? This is the big nut to crack really.] Maybe change the mold? Maybe it needs to be bigger or even square to fit the best lights. Then just pour in the resin to permanently submerge and incase the light. When choosing your epoxy resin research to make sure that resin does not yellow and is UV rated and has thermal properties needed to dissipate heat - used in submerged water helps keep things under 120 degrees C.

Getting back to the actual LED Emitter, this light had like 80 lumen, this emitter available today for ~$30 --> Luminus SST-90 P Bin G4 LED Emitter with 23mm x 23mm x 1.5mm Copper Board <--- has 2750 Lumens per emitter @ 4500k. What would an 8 or 16 or 25 light built with these look like? Sure you would need to figure out how to run them in series or parallel and get the resistor right so they run when connected to 12v power and make sure they heat sink correctly as well as have thermal cutoff... sounds like a good project for someone.

For those interested, here is an intro into the beast of a nut that needs to be cracked:
High Power LED Tutorial #1 - How to Drive 1W and 3W LEDs from 12 Volts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piET0Biqo0I
High Power LED Tutorial #2 - How to Drive 5W & 10W COB LEDs from 12V - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hboo3ZpNMPA

Designing a light yourself will require some planning to get it all right.
When considering your Design Requirements for a homemade solution, consider what is required to realize the selling points of top products. Below I have assembled some information that may jolt those garage engineers out there.

Key features of top selling underwater lights: Can YOU do it?
- #1 Sourcing the LED to be used. Lumishore does not just buy stuff at Radio Shack. This is a critical step.
- Efficient design – the best products efficiently convert energy into light, the rest is waste

- Power: Must run on 12v/24v systems - so what is the input range – 10 to 30v? How is brightness effected if at all?
- Integrated Thermal Managament – (Larson says “use pulse width modulation to control heat buildup rather than simple voltage regulators which are typically harsh on sensitive electronics and can contribute to early LED failure.”)
- Active management of each LED to never push them too close to 100%? Larson says 90%
- Cutoff that disconnects input entry if it gets too hot.
- What are the main built-in heat dissipation mechanisms? Contact with water, heatsink, grease, housing, epoxy?
- Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
- Over / Under /Reverse Voltage Protection
- HOUSING MATERIAL: Billet Aluminum Housing vs Stainless Steel vs Bronze vs Bronze finish vs Copper vs Bronze Alloy vs Plastic ish vs Glass vs Epoxy (see http://www.pottingsolutions.com/ http://www.inseto.co.uk/products/accsilicones.htm)
- LENS: Durable Polycarbonate Lens vs Boroscilicate
- Light Beam Spread Degrees: The Industry leader THX1501-CCP puts out a 110 Degree Beam – Shadow Caster 120 degrees
- Will a reflector be used?
- Will Lens kit be used? Per LED or overall?
- Vibration
- Shock
- Temperature Shock
- RoHS Compliant
- External Circuitry? External Power Regulators? No external Drivers - the control microprocessor needs to be onboard the fixture
- 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan

- What color? Are you ready to do RGBW yet?
- Full Color Control – what exactly can it do, what cab be controlled, preset options, and what controller options
- DMX Capable = Sound to Light Synchronization


6. Repurpose a Spotlight

Don't you ever feel like putting a police helicopter searchlight in the water? There is one called NightSun that emits 30,000,000 candlepower. How about a WWII Anti-Aircraft search light? How about those Hollywood sky painting lights you see at major red carpet events? How about convincing NYC to let you borrow the 300,000 Lumen beacon LED lights that will illuminate the Spire to go "shrimpin"? I am not sure I have enough space for these solutions on my boat but plz send any pics you may have using yours for shrimping, bully netting lobster, gigging, or just cruising with a little underwater ambiance.

Source: BVH

I am not sure about all of that but here is a solution where you can put ~ 30,000 Lumens in the water with 2 fixtures. It has an IP68 rating, maybe some extra potting in key places and these would be nice to see in the water. Anyone with pics of spotlights in the water or similar alternative, please share.

Does anyone want to try and design a light of this power for constant underwater use, but designed as a surface mount for a more flush fit? RGBW?

Examples of Repurposing Spotlights:

Flounder Gigging boats are known for putting spotlights on bows and rails, a proven concept but not appropriate for most boats. These guys now look for LED Spot/Flood lights with lower maintenance costs to replace other energy hungry systems.(ex 100w LED Flood Lights)

Source: THT sellsfish - you can easily find many examples of this.

7. DIVE LIGHT CONCEPTS What are Diver's using in really bright dive lights? Submarine ROV lights? Boat lights do not require the build constraint of surviving underwater pressures and the power source is just a wire away so no need to account for onboard bulky batteries. I have been cave diving and have seen single diver's light up pitch black caverns with their personal torches.

Technical Diver's have been modifying lights for decades, it is in their blood. While dive lights are utilitarian in nature and provide white light, modifications can be made to the led emitter. A lot of knowledge can be transferred and easily adapts to boat light applications.

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Plans and Prototypes

Here I will post some picks or plans of open source concepts and plans.

a. Early designs using aspheric glass optics over the latest LEDs circa 2009 - the idea is to now use todays LEDs.

b. Concept for strip surface mount light.

c. Plans and good information. You might need Google Translate https://translate.google.com/

d. https://loomisled.com/ I had a chance to speak with him and I support his efforts wholeheartedly. He holds my values of overkill build quality to heart and it shows in his utilitarian and functional designs. He is weary of over complications in his designs and it results in very stable internal electronics that operate with product longevity in mind. He mentioned his designs aim to convert energy into photons with little waste in heat. I think he said he torture tests his lights while running them in boiling water.

I would love to be able to post his build designs and material lists on his surface mount 24 LED lights as well as those of his brightest drop lights. This is exactly the kind of stuff this section here is all about. He does not take short cuts with cheap materials and I bet that even after seeing how he builds things you still would choose to have him make it for you.


Here is an example from enthusiast Andy Loomis:
Published on Nov 13, 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zATf9unwtns
light using 3 cree xml leds with aluminum reflectors and a full 3000 lumens all in a direct hookup to 12vdc and fully waterproof for years of submersion. This light was designed to replace halogen lights used in commercial fishing and gigging operations.

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