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New icom VHF (dsc)

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Default New icom VHF (dsc)

New icom m424. do you absolutely have to use the emergency sending button on new VHF. Radios?( dsc)
Is there a way to bypass this? I have had it on several previous radios and never used it.
I realize it's there for a reason and probably is not a bad idea to have it set up.
The instructions for its use are ridiculously long and complicated.and require you to get a ( mmsi number from boat us),And I simply don't want to use it. I can use the radio,but every time I turn it on it beeps and prompts me to set it up, I have to manually clear it. I don't see myself doing this every time I turn the unit on.
Can this prompt be disabled?
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Getting an MMSI # only takes a few minutes.

You'll wish you had it setup when your boat starts taking on water.
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Get an MMSI and program it in. It takes 5 minutes.
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Get the MMSI number and tie your radio into your gps.

It only takes a few minutes and could save your life someday. When you have an MMSI number and you hit the emergency button, your actual coordinates are transmitted to everyone else around within range.

I was out last year when a scuba diver had a medical emergency. The boat captain hit the emergency button and my VHF and chartplotter lit up with the emergency and exact location. That means that dozens of boats nearby could have responded immediately.

And while "you" might not need it to successfully relay your coordinates to someone via the VHF, what if you're the one who is incapacitated?
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You can get the MMSI number online. I got mine through Sea Tow, took about 5 minutes at the computer.
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Cheap insurance. Do for you and anyone else on board.
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Get an MMSI and program it in. Mine only took 5-10 minutes tops to put in very simple just follow the instructions. You wish you had this if trouble arises.
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Here we have to do a radio course, sit an exam, get a certificate, pay hundreds in fees, just to even have the privilege of applying for an MMSI. So if you are fortunate enough to be able get one in 5 or 10 minutes filling out an online form you would be absolutely crazy not to.
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There you go. It really only takes 5 minutes.
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I got my MMSI# this summer then the speaker on my VHF blew out when I tried testing it., the market for a replacement...any thoughts?
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